Zhuji nine miles bee settled kindergarten fire fighters destroy hive lformat

Zhuji nine bee home kindergarten fire fighters destroy Chi hives recently, Shaoxing Zhuji City Lake police station received a public warning, said that the town center kindergarten honeycomb mountain, a serious threat to the safety of the kindergarten students, can help to destroy the police station request. Yamashita Ko quickly led the police station after 2 firefighters rushed to the scene in addition to suppress the activity of bee. In the Kindergarten under the leadership of the staff, firefighters carry insecticide syrup prepared in advance to the campus quickly launched an investigation, after careful observation revealed that the nest is located in school of green belt and deep plexus, from time to time to see the bees out in knots. This bee looks different from the ordinary bee. They have thinner waist, longer body, bigger wings, and more thinner and harder. According to informed sources, the bee is called by the fathers of the "nine bee" is a kind of wasps, bees eat, it is said that if anyone offended by it, it will be pursued in nine and give up, until the thorn into your body, toxicity. The habit of this bee is foraging in the daytime and returning to the nest at night. Later, police mastered the points after the "nine make a prompt decision, decided in the bee nest, by spraying the insecticide syrup straight out of bee cave, making a good operational plan after the crackdown began. In order to try to catch the quick victory, firefighters used "intercept punch method: first the" nine bee "out of the cave entrance, then towards large nest mouth spray insecticide syrup, after firefighters unremitting efforts, around 7 p.m." nine bee "are completely removed, while no personnel were sting.

诸暨“九里蜂”安家幼儿园 消防战士智灭蜂巢近日,绍兴诸暨市山下湖派出所接到群众报警,称山下湖镇中心幼儿园内发现有蜂窝,严重威胁到幼儿园学生的安全,请求派出所能帮忙前去剿灭。山下湖派出所民警接警后迅速带领了2名消防队员赶赴到现场进行除蜂清剿活动。在幼儿园工作人员的带领下,消防队员携带好提前准备的杀虫药水来到校园内迅速展开了侦查行动,经仔细观察后发现,该巢穴位于学校内绿化带花木丛深处内,时不时能看到三五成群的蜂子出入。此蜂看上去不同于寻常的蜂,它们的腰更细,身体更长,翅膀更大,整个看上去更为瘦硬。据知情人士介绍,该蜂就是被父辈们称之为的“九里蜂”,是胡蜂的一种,常吃蜜蜂,据说谁要是冒犯了它,它就会穷追九里而不舍,直至将刺扎进你的身体,毒性较大。且这种蜂的习性是白天觅食、晚上回窝。民警掌握了这一要点之后,当机立断,决定在“九里蜂”回窝之后,通过杀虫药水喷洒的方法直掏蜂穴,制定好作战方案后,清剿行动开始。为了能尽量一网打尽,以快制胜,消防队员采用“堵截合击”法:先将“九里蜂”进出的穴口堵住,随后朝巢穴口喷洒大量杀虫药水,经过消防队员的不懈努力,晚上7点左右“九里蜂”被彻底清除,期间无人员被蛰伤。相关的主题文章: