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Zhao Mingjian: put a low profile spell each opponent time to play better – sports media Sohu   in September 7th, Zhao Mingjian in the screenshot   personal social media sharing photos, and wrote, "once a fall, once again climb up, like China football we need time, after all, we leave the highest the stage of Asia has been a long time, more than a good one that is the most important, the next game is the same we put a low profile spell every opponent. Refueling China, refueling china." Zhao Mingjian in the game against Iran, after the game was officially named the best player in the game. Although the battle against South Korea without starting debut, but Zhao Mingjian came off the bench after his performance is quite good, the performance in the right foot is also very good. In this game, he and another Luneng player Hao Junmin first, fifty-second minutes of the game, Chinese offensive team, Huang Bowen after the ball to pick the ball plug back to Zhao Mingjian, Zhao Mingjian after the ball is very calm, he was pretending to break, then a spike, easily beat Muhan Mai Di of Iran then Zhao Mingjian into the area, facing the people’s defense, Zhao Mingjian chose the inverted triangle pass, pass strength may be slightly larger, stopping after Zhang Yuning hit the door was blocking the Iran defence line.相关的主题文章: