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Zhang Bendou: don’t flatter Murray counter ultra small German open is the true test of Murray integral Djokovic, is not the world second and third ratio integral sum more crazy; but in this Monday’s latest ranking, his 14840 is still as high as 5535 points ahead of Murray. However, before the US hot topic is — when Murray replaced Djokovic became the world’s first? Ha ha. Excuse Me in the discussion of social media related topics, there are indeed two different reactions to the fans, one is "ha ha", the other is "ha ha"". Say "ha ha" estimate is de powder, as to say "ha ha", the composition can be more complex. I’m not de powder, as a media person, it should not be any one of the powder; however, here, let me say "ha ha" — the first in the world to easy? You are not too impatient…… Even the official media, but also in the "evil", ATP’s official website published an article entitled "Murray Djokovic" the first challenge of the analysis of the article. Well, here’s the first place, refers only to the calculation of this season’s ATP championship standings points. In the ATP finals in London the ownership of the ranking, Murray is only 1215 points behind Djokovic; difference of 3225 points compared to the French Open after the game must admit that Murray did with outstanding performance into seven consecutive tournament finals has been greatly shortened the gap between two. Sina tennis also published "Murray winning the U. S. championship or the first Djokovic and narrowing the gap between the" one article, a careful look at, uh, in fact, and ATP is the official website of the same article. Really don’t say it just Chinese media in obscenity and "poison milk", English media also have many similar analysis. Is to understand the world first place by the same person has long after everybody had once appeared a little change to watch is never too excited, but the big thing, watch the media turns up after, is to leave such an illusion — Murray has become the first US Open crown beyond Djokovic won popular, Djokovic will soon surpass it will happen in the ranking. Is it really that easy? At this time, especially to listen to the old comrades of the old comrades especially high perspicacity, also will not participate in the U.S. Open, the argument is more able to maintain objectivity. In recognition of Murray recently and unbelievable, Federer continued to comment: "but these failed to change my opinion — the first U.S. Djokovic is still hot. Despite a few defeat, but he is still in Toronto to win the championship, he is hard to a great player, he Andy also maintained a good record of the meeting." Well, against the record. Remind me of Murray, his record is 10 wins and 24 losses, which in a grand slam in only 2 wins and 8 losses; the season before the two Grand Slam finals, Djokovic won relatively easily. Yes, the upcoming match, the pressure of his 2000 points, the fourth round last year by Anderson upset Murray, only need to keep 180 points. But to be clear, Murray of Djokovic in the real ATP singles ranking.相关的主题文章: