Yunnan province to start the implementation of health poverty alleviation action plan for 5 years e2140

Yunnan province started to implement health poverty alleviation plan of action for 5 years zhongxinwangzhongxinwang – in October 25 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Hu Yuanhang) 25, the Yunnan provincial health and Family Planning Commission of Yunnan province "health poverty alleviation action plan (2016 – 2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "action plan"), determine the poverty alleviation action plan for 5 years health in the poor rural areas. According to the "action plan", Yunnan province will be in accordance with the "object, riser contract, treatment, management, health promotion, security, cost control, miscellaneous task assessment, the effectiveness of poverty" and 10 precision requirements, and strive to improve the health level of rural population in poverty. By 2020, to achieve universal access to basic medical and health services in poor areas of Yunnan Province, from the rural poor population get timely and effective treatment, significantly reduce the burden of medical expenses; effective control of poverty-stricken areas of major infectious diseases and endemic diseases, basic public health index close to the national average, life expectancy is further improved, the infant mortality rate, mortality, children under the age of 5 the maternal mortality rate dropped to 10%, 13% and 25 / 100 thousand; basic medical insurance, illness insurance and medical assistance of major diseases of 3 system of rural poverty population to achieve full coverage, and the implementation of preferential policies; increase the commercial health insurance and temporary assistance to support health and poverty alleviation; implementation of Chinese medicine service the township, community coverage; inter regional allocation of health resources and health gap further Narrow, fallback measures to further improve, poverty caused by illness, the problem has been effectively solved. "Action plan" requirements, to achieve the above goal, Yunnan province will strive to perfect the poverty-stricken areas of grassroots medical and health service system, so that every poor county at least 1 of the two public hospitals in the county, each township has 1 township hospitals standardization, each administrative village built 1 standardized health room; and through the implementation of rural order directed free medical training plan, and gradually improve the treatment of rural doctors, increase aid efforts and other measures to enhance the level of basic medical and health service. "Plan" also requires action, in order to improve the level of medical care in poor areas, increasing government spending, the rural poor population in the county implemented fallback protection, poor hospital treatment before payment, and the poor households have confirmed disease classification in treatment; intervention through the poverty-stricken areas of leukemia, end-stage renal disease, diabetes hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and other 5 kinds of illness, establish and improve the provincial, city and county urban three and gradually extended to the township and village of the food safety risk monitoring system and other measures to improve the health level of impoverished population. In addition, "action plan" also specifically mentioned, to play the Chinese medicine (National Medicine) characteristics and advantages, promote the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and tourism industry in depth; encourage poor area by planting the healthy development of tourism resources, and actively guide the poor households to take the "company + peasant household" mode in a variety of ways to carry out planting, participation in the production of medicines, promote accurate poverty alleviation. (end)相关的主题文章: