Yu Xu’s parents crashed the scene to send off their daughter Mom and dad came to see you (video) ca1871

Yu Xu’s parents crash site to bid farewell to her daughter: parents come to see you (Figure) cover news reporter Diao Mingkang Tianjin, Hebei reported that if Tangshan is not the accident, Yu Xu’s parents, may not be in this life on the Hebei Tangshan Yutian County Chen Jia Pu Xiang this land. This is a sad and dreary visit, Lu yao. Not deliberately prepared ceremony, did not even have time to buy her a bunch of flowers, only a heavy suitcase and filled with pain, more than more than the father mother came to send her daughter finally. A few pieces of wax, incense, burning life desolation…… This is November 14th, China’s first fighter -10 fighter pilot Yu Xu third days after the sacrifice of the matter. Hebei, Tangshan · crash scene rushed to send her daughter a morning, 8, Tianjin, Wuqing. You never see the sun rises in the morning mist, the wind shook the leaf, the bus pulled into relatives staying in hotels. Together, there are Yu Xu’s father and mother. This is their first outing in two days. Two days later, the two old people looked a little more relaxed than the sad news. But their swollen eyes and tired face still showed that they didn’t have a good rest. The two days, the army originally to Yu dad and Yu mother arranged accommodation, but the two insist on sleeping daughter’s bed, to stay in the children stay for a while. 30 years of laughter, 30 years past and family house daughter leave the goods, let two people died at night. Hello, I represent the 670 thousand people of Chongzhou (micro-blog) to accompany you to send off heroes." From the Sichuan Chengdu team came to the Chongzhou municipal government led Yu Xu to his mother’s outstretched hand, the sad old man just gently back saying "Hello, thank you," the eyes tear up. There wasn’t much more on the luggage rack of the bus, because the two old people did not even bring more clothes. They went to the crash site in Tangshan, Yutian, and they only dragged one suitcase. Inside the box is a girl’s clothes and dolls. "Yu Xu, my parents came to see you" from Tianjin, Wuqing to Hebei, Tangshan, Yutian, hundreds of kilometers away, because of traffic jam, a full walk 2.5 hours. These days, two elderly people who are afraid of excessive grief are unable to eat their bodies. The army has arranged special personnel to accompany the whole day. To the crash site, the troops also took care of the accompanying personnel. However, the grief of losing her daughter, let two people unspeakable, along the way, they almost did not speak, only occasionally looked up, had to look at the window outside the bleak winter landscape. Inside, a piece of sorrow. About 11:30 in the morning, carrying more than Asahi parents and family members, military leaders, Chongzhou municipal government related personnel of the vehicle, finally arrived in Hebei Tangshan Yutian County Chen Jia Pu xiang. This is a vast expanse of land, surrounded by scattered houses. The fields scattered after harvest the rest of the corn stalk, bald poplar in the north wind blows softly sobbing, only a few unknown birds in search of a few food. In the middle of the earth, there is a big pit with a length of twenty or thirty meters and a few meters deep. This is the pit where Yu Xu’s fighter plane crashed after it crashed. After getting off, the military personnel pointed to the pit, introduced the crash process to Yu Xu’s parents briefly. Two old men

余旭父母坠机现场送别女儿:爸妈来看你了(图) 封面新闻记者 刁明康 天津、河北唐山报道如果不是这次意外,余旭的父母,可能这辈子都不会踏上河北唐山玉田县陈家铺乡这片土地。这是一次悲怆的探访,路遥而凄凉。没有刻意准备的仪式,甚至没来得及为女儿买一束花,只有一只沉沉的皮箱和满腔痛楚,余父余母赶来送女儿最后一程。几支蜡、几炷香,烧尽一生悲凉……这是11月14日,中国首位歼-10战斗机女飞行员余旭牺牲后第3天上午的事。河北唐山·坠机现场匆忙赶来送女儿一程清晨8点,天津武清。许久不见的暖阳在晨雾中缓缓升起,北风摇着梧桐叶,一辆大巴缓缓驶进亲属暂住的宾馆。一同到来的,还有余旭的父亲和母亲。这是他们两天来第一次外出。相比刚得到噩耗时的悲痛,两天时间过去,两位老人的气色稍有些缓和。但红肿的眼睛和满脸的疲惫还是可以看出,他们并没有休息好。这两天,部队原本给余爸爸和余妈妈安排了住宿,但两人坚持要睡女儿的床,要在孩子住过的地方多留一会儿。30年来的欢声笑语,30年来的亲情往事以及满屋女儿留下的物品,让两人悲痛欲绝,彻夜难眠。“你好,我代表崇州(微博)市67万人民来陪同你们送别英雄。”从四川成都率队赶来的崇州市政府领导向余旭妈妈伸出手,这位悲伤的老人刚轻轻回了句“你好,谢谢”,眼角便泛起泪花。大巴车的行李架上并没有放更多的东西,因为走得匆忙,两位老人甚至没有多带几件衣服。前往唐山玉田县的坠机现场,他们只拖了一只箱子。箱里面,装着女儿的衣物和几个玩偶。“余旭,爸妈来看你了”从天津武清到河北唐山玉田,上百公里的路程,因为堵车,足足走了两个半小时。这些天,怕过度悲伤的两位老人身体吃不消,部队专门安排了人员全天陪护。前往坠机现场,部队也带上了陪护人员。但是,失去爱女的悲痛,让两人难以言说,一路上,他们几乎都没有说话,只是偶尔抬头,黯然地看看车窗外萧瑟的冬景。车厢内,一片悲戚。上午11时30分左右,搭载余旭父母和家属、部队领导、崇州市政府相关人员的车辆,终于抵达了河北唐山玉田县陈家铺乡。这是一片宽阔的土地,周围零散地矗立着民房。田地间散落着秋收后剩下的玉米秆,秃了顶的杨树在北风吹拂下轻声呜咽,几只不知名的鸟儿在地里寻觅着为数不多的食物。地中间,赫然呈现着一个长二三十米、深几米的大坑。这就是余旭所驾驶的战斗机坠毁后撞出的坑。下车后,军方人员指着坑,向余旭父母简单介绍了坠机的经过。两位老人在亲属的搀扶下,颤巍巍地来到坑边,一言未发便失声痛哭。一位穿黑衣服的亲属忍着眼泪,对着天空高喊:“余旭,爸妈来看你了……”长空悲戚,北风呜咽。烧去女儿最爱的玩偶余旭生前是个爱美的女孩子,家中也收藏了不少玩偶。父母拉在手里的那只箱子,装满了她的衣物和玩偶,有熊熊、狗狗和小猴。为了不让女儿孤单,父母把它们都带了过来。按照故乡的风俗,亲属在坑内点燃了蜡烛和香。余旭父母将衣服和玩偶拿出来,一件件,先是紧紧抱在怀里,许久后才万般不舍地轻轻放进火堆。仿佛,放进火堆的,是那个他们最爱的女儿……烧完纸,点了鞭炮,在场陪同的部队人员、亲属、崇州市政府相关工作人员,朝着坠机的方向默哀,三鞠躬,向勇敢的蓝天卫士余旭致以最深切的悼念。……短暂的半个小时探访时间过去,一行人踏上归途。这一场生死离别来得太突然,余旭父母完全无法承受。回程的路上,他们没再说一句话。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 吉林 教员追忆余旭:能吃苦的女汉子相关的主题文章: