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Yimeng Mountain, there is Su Mei Long [eleven] – Langya Baodi special tourism Sohu filed Yimeng Mountain, as a senior girl, my first reaction was: Red Tourism Resort, uncle aunt to go. But someone told me that the full moon and watch clouds sunrise, camping, campfire, a forest drifting playing can be there, but it is not far away from the capital. So, I have a little heart at Baidu Linyi Yimeng Mountain is located, the ancient name of it more appealing — "Langya". Well, the heart is full, carrying a backpack to go. Two days later, the area is too large, I have been playing tired paralysis in Yunmeng Mountains picking garden corner, silently eating tree Hawthorn side to reflect for a moment: Yimeng Mountain fun place is very much, it is really wrong. After in Yimeng Mountain tour, to make himself swept the blind. Yimeng Mountain is referred to as the Taiyi mountains two branches — Yishan and Mengshan, many scenic spots include Yi and Meng people, Yunmeng, Mongolia, guimeng Lei Day, Kimberley diamond mine etc.. Here is not only the national Forest Park, but also the National Geological Park and National Water Conservancy Scenic area. From the LinYi Railway Station to Mengshan scenic guimeng Lei about 2 hours drive properly, no steep winding mountain road, the whole road is good, good to sleep soundly, almost there had arrived at the foot of Mengshan turtle. Because of the sunrise and sunset for Mengshan scenic, choose the most convenient accommodation — at the foot of the Luoyuan Yu Meng villa. This morning the face without washing, can sit out on the minibus to the top of the mountain, every picture of beauty will be my big eyes, small heart and camera collection. Before collecting the beautiful scenery, I first collected a table of food for the stomach. Linyi local special delicacy has a more interesting names, such as the front disc singles chicken. This dish in Mengshan Rooster as ingredients, and do the best fried chicken shop owner and the clerk are big man, so you are often teased, "single chicken" name will spread like wildfire. Gastronomy have singles after the bottom of the garlic chicken, almost every meal points Mudfish drool with envy. Is to eat a fried Huaihua fell in love with. Egg and mountain wild mushroom, it is difficult to find in the city of wild taste. This protein is a little more, but in order to increase physical strength, maintain body temperature, it is necessary. Although the mountain or the end of the summer, cool autumn has already entered the peak. Car along the mountain road, the last paragraph of the road to the peak. The top there is a little Huang Dian, the temple has two old and long road. Two people particularly like, usually their own vegetables and occasionally buy some food down, there is one or two pilgrims come to the reception, running fitness Taiji when no one, let a person envy. Standing on the top of the mountain overlooking the four, this vast area, was called "Langya"". Although autumn, still Cuise pressing, beautiful eyes. Dare to like jade stone beauty name, fruit beauty praise. Mountain breeze blowing gently, smug if immortal. Can not help but think of the mountains, the clouds, it also had a place, there lived a group of extraordinary people, daily play tea, cooking wine heroes. Idle, M相关的主题文章: