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Yilmaz three consecutive games scoring draw on the Hong Kong National Security – Sohu to avoid losing streak in sports highlights – Thunder Dragon break Hulk scored two on the Hong Kong 2-2 Hong Kong 2-2 Guoan Guoan Hulk scored two on the road to face the adverse situation in Hong Kong, Guoan earlier lost a ball under Lianban two goals. If Hulk is not in the last moments of the use of personal ability to create a penalty, the guards could bring back a precious victory away from shanghai. Although the national security suffered four rounds extremely, but Yilmaz has scored three consecutive or Beijing fans saw the team hope of recovery. After the game, the national security in the 2 round of the game under the premise of the product 28 points ranked tenth, fourth from the super green Shenhua has 12 points. Interestingly, the game is also the "Turkey Feng Ba" Yilmaz continuous round score. In the twenty-third round of Suning away in the face of the game, Yilmaz in tenth minutes to help the national security to break the deadlock, but only two R in the horse is too fierce, the guards had to accept defeat. But in the twenty-second round of the match against the Lifan home court, although Yilmaz in eightieth minutes for a penalty in the penalty but the Team Guoan, also ended in defeat. Fortunately, the game, Yilmaz scored in the same time, but also to help the team won the game is not easy to draw. With this valuable 1 points, Guoan stopped losing streak decline. At present, two games with 7 wins and 7 of the national security level 8 negative product 28 points, ranking fourth from 40 points of the green Shenhua has 12 points. Although the impact is already AFC Champions League hope more and more slim, but it should be as soon as possible to find the "national security team for the first ever" spirit. Perhaps the recovery of the country will bring hope to the country…… (a sunny day hates the sea)相关的主题文章: