Yan Lianke received a dream of Red Mansions because of humble, so writing sayu-02

Yan Lianke received a dream of Red Mansions Award: because the humble, so writing [Abstract] here we are talking about a kind of literature, talking about this kind of literature may be, in a field, there will be more people as insects to worship moths at the light; is the "animal farm" in animal spirits. For the future of sadness and longing. Yan Lianke prize, Wang Shuqi photo writer 22 in Hongkong in the afternoon to receive the dream of the red chamber award in the sixth and published entitled "humble, so the writing" keynote speech on behalf of the Chinese people’s Republic of China in. Tencent culture throughout the broadcast award process, and won the exclusive authorisation of speech. Because the judges so humble, writing: "a dream of Red Mansions prize award speech Yan Lianke, ladies and gentlemen, students and distinguished in this solemn occasion, solemn Award activities, please allow me first say a true story: not long ago, I was in Hongkong University of science and technology in the teaching of the reputation. There is a seaside paradise. One day in May, five in the morning to night sleeping o’clock, the dream is immersed leisurely, my mobile phone rang. The sound, the more I do not answer, it is the sound of continuous and urgent. Finally endure, but had to get up, pick up the phone to see, is my sister from the mainland – my hometown in Henan. Q: what’s the matter? My sister said, mother last night had a dream, dream of writing because you made a big mistake, the serious punishment, are you afraid of jail, he knelt on the ground kowtow, knock on the forehead a little faint bloodshed. Therefore, the mother must let her sister did not shine on the day to give me a call, ask a. Finally, my sister asked me on the phone, you do not matter? I said nothing, very good. Sister said, really all right? I said, it’s okay. Finally, my sister hung up the phone. From this moment, I think of the writer, literature and writing of humble. From there, "humble" these two words, on the knife engraved in my brain deep wrinkle, every day, every minute, as long as the thought of literature, it emerges, not only would not disappear, but is more clear and sharp, like nail nails on a brick wall, brick rotten yet, the rusty nail pop in the brick wall. Until the middle of July, I was visiting from the United States to return to Beijing, time every day as the wind wheel, then reverse the mind, and "on" get out "a dream of Red Mansions prize" message, so, in the interest of insomnia, restless to ask a question: why is Cao Xueqin in energy, do your soul ink to write that book a dream of Red Mansions "? It is like what he said, because "not as a technology, half down", to "make a complaint set, Yue world orders, broken people worry? If it is, in his "Wyatt world orders, broken people worry the writing attitude, not only no literature and humble, have enough confidence to believe in the dignity of literature and its hard and sublime. But today, the writer, in addition to any of us talent talent, can not be compared with Cao Xueqin, who has the power of literature and dignity with hard trust? Who dares to, but also to say that their own writing, is to "the eyes of the world, the sorrow of the people?" Literary side.相关的主题文章: