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Xuzhou a car against the police ran 2 kilometers   the driver has to surrender — people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title: the driver surrendered, allegedly obstructing jingfangxingju October 5th evening, the streets of Xuzhou staged a breathtaking scene: a black car in the traffic police cases for inspection, suddenly accelerated to escape, will be caught off guard the traffic police on the top of the front car cover, coaster escape about 2 kilometers (modern express letter 6 October 7th version of the report). In October 7th, the police informed that the driver Wang has been appearing in court, he and the copilot of a high suspicion of obstructing, were detained by the police. It happened in the evening of 5 nearly 6, Xuzhou Police Brigade Quanshan eight team of police in the vicinity of Ruyi Road Music Hall on duty, found a black crown car to break a single line, then stop check. The police asked the driver checked off when the car suddenly accelerated, against the traffic police Jin Dianping run about two km, stopped at the door of a hotel. After the incident, the police investigation, tracing abandoned car to escape the driver. Police investigators after investigation, found a car in Anhui, Xiaoxian, a crown car owners and lee. After comparison, the owner Lee and the driver was not the same person. It turned out that the same day, Lee will lend a friend Wang car use. Police follow the line, all the way to find the home of wang. But Wang did not go home, the phone is off. The police work to his family, said Wang family of the consequences, seek to cooperate with the police. The pressure of fear, Wang surrendered to the police. Later, the police retrieved the crown found tachograph, against the police during the running, the car speeds up to 97 km. After the interrogation, Wang confessed, the day he and his friends a drink, afraid of drunk driving checked will be forced to flee. I recall the scene, also feel scared, "sorry for the traffic police." Wang and a high behavior has been suspected of obstruction of official business, in October 7th, two per capita criminal detention by the police. (Li Weihao) (commissioning editor Geng Zhichao and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: