Xiling racquet launched Ding Congyu white villa Liu Haisu couple Sha Qi to commemorate the concert txplatform

Xiling racquet launched Ding Congyu white villa Liu Haisu couple to commemorate the first special Sha Qi Xiling racquet will launch a memorial concert, October 9th -10, Kaichui auction, for a period of 24 hours the next day after the auction. Collectors can log in Xiling auction online auction platform – art is the only network (), or download the "art is" mobile phone client auction. The white villa more than 75 pieces of goods with the letters show excellent celebrity letters. More than the white villa in 1956 was transferred to the duoyunxuan for woodblock printing room, Shanghai Calligraphy Club predecessor, dedicated to the publication of calligraphy and painting. Special letters featured auction contains more than more than and 200 white villa with art, between the political elite and even the publishing industry, from 1970 to 2005 communications more than and 30 years, covering almost the whole territory Chinese radiation. Including the art world of the last century veteran, near to Jiangsu region Tang Yun, Hu Yefo, Li Keran, Chen Dayu, Fang Zengxian, Guangzhou and the far GuanShanYue, Guan Liang, Yang Zhiguang, Wu Zuoren of Beijing, Shaanxi, Hunan Huang Yongyu Girolamo van aertselaer, etc.. Through the letter can be seen at the time of the exchange of art circles, invisible weave a network of literature and art circles in the last century. Yu Shu and the white collections of paintings and calligraphy of 10.10 19:30 more than the white villa auction order 10.10 20:00 order letters special auction witnessed more than and 50 pieces of calligraphy and painting art development China more than the white villa and collections of paintings and calligraphy more than the white villa and collections of paintings and calligraphy gathered more than white villa living collections, including Fei Xinwo, Xiao Xian, Xie Zhiliu, Zhou Changgu, Fang Jizhong, Qian Songyan, Ye Qianyu et al Yingyeping, calligraphy and painting works. Which part is more than the white villa, such as Liu Danzhai’s "singeries", is a picture of Liu Danzhai in the 1980 year approaching to more than the white villa, villa is the title "white comrade". As Shanghai painting and calligraphy editing, these paintings and letters, not only reflects more than white villa busy life, more pieced together a microcosm of the seven century, in 80s the old artists creation and life. The phase portrait commemorating the centenary of Ding Cong’s birth? "This interesting collection" original cartoons special "this interesting collection" Ding Cong original cartoons special 10.11 20:00 Sequential Auction coincides with the centenary of Ding Cong’s birth, Xiling racquet launched special auction of 50, "this is fun" in the original cartoons, this group of manuscripts is made by Ding Cong in 1979 to restore freedom, including daily life, relationship between husband and wife, family and neighbors, business communication etc.. In 1985, Ding Cong was 69 years old, because of the publication of "Gu Ji Ji", he was very popular, and then contributed to the birth of his sister, "the collection of interest". Ding Cong rough half life brilliant, rich life experience has increased his feelings of the past suffering people, works can be seen in the depth of art, the form of interesting, thought-provoking. The painting circles of husband and wife have Joe: Liu Haisu, the legendary Xia Yiqiao couple of calligraphy and paintings and calligraphy are the sea Joe: Liu Haisu and his wife Xia Yiqiao, the calligraphy and paintings and calligraphy 10.11 19:30 stage auction 38 auction, all works of calligraphy and painting, the starting price of 1000-3000相关的主题文章: