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Xiamen public pension service card starting   subsidy policy issued to the automatic card – Fujian channel: people.com.cn original title: Xiamen public pension service subsidies paid to the automatic card starting retirement pension service card display card. Reporter Chen Lijie photo with this card is much more convenient, do not have to go to their own community subsidies, will not forget the subsidies issued to the card on the." Yesterday, in the pension subsidy, community endowment services and the elderly enjoy financial services and other functions in one of the Xiamen public pension service card in Jinan community Huli District held the first ceremony. The card yesterday in the first issue of Jinan community of nearly 700, will have to more than 80 year old, "low", "Five" special security object implementation of directional distribution of nearly 40 thousand. The policy of subsidies paid to the people of Xiamen pension card automatic service card issued by Xiamen CCB is combined with the public pension service center, pension service center membership information and financial functions of the bank financial IC debit card, with 12349 old-age pension service center service platform of information exchange, paid membership fee settlement, community service pension pension service business card, exclusive policy subsidies management and other functions, can satisfy the cardholder payment and settlement, financial and other necessities, over the age of 60 elderly people can do household registration in Xiamen. Party members, deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau Li Long introduced, the public service pension card will implement the policy of subsidies issued, the pension policy subsidy funds will be timely and automatically distributed to the card, the elderly people easy to collect and use subsidies. At the same time, social welfare funds or love money can also pass through the card issuance and use of directional orientation, let the love of money can be accurately distributed to older people in need of help, and make sure to use in everyday life pension, not be diverted for other purposes. Online and offline can also be paid to reporters also learned that the public pension card services online and offline integration, support bank card payment card, Internet fast payment, pay and pay two-dimensional code to pay. Cardholders enjoy Xiamen city public pension service center membership rights, including home care services, health care, life support emergency comprehensive community care service, enjoy the special alliance merchant door-to-door service. Cardholders can call 12349 pension service platform hotline, pension service center customer service will be based on the needs of the cardholder to make a service order records, and service providers to send a single confirmation. After the completion of the implementation of the service, the service providers to provide POS machine to the cardholder credit card settlement. In addition to on-site service, in the public pension service card Union merchant stores, cardholders can be directly credit card spending. At present, the first line of the union business department stores, including Xia and Shang Xia Xing merchants supermarkets and other supermarkets and Andrew Sen Cake Bakery, online merchants union including computer maintenance, drug distribution, food distribution, housekeeping etc.. In addition, CCB’s upcoming elderly financial services ecosystem will provide comprehensive financial services more comprehensive, covering endowment insurance products, legal consultation and demonstration for the network service)相关的主题文章: