Wuhan network about the rules of the car the driver needs to have the city residence or obtain resid vidown

Wuhan: the driver must have rules about cars or household registration in the city card Sina Technology News October 14th local evening news, the Wuhan Municipal Transportation Commission to organize the drafting of the "opinions on deepening reform and promoting the healthy development of the taxi industry in Wuhan (Draft)", "Wuhan city taxi management network reservation service management implementation rules (Draft)" and "Wuhan City Private minibus carpool guidance (Draft)" three documents. Among them, Wuhan city network booking taxi business service management implementation details part as follows: the application in the net about the car business platform company, shall comply with the following conditions: (a) have the status of enterprise legal persons. Corporate enterprises registered in the administrative area of the city, should be in the administrative area of the city registered a branch; (two) have to carry out the network about the car business platform of the Internet and information data and adapt plans to carry out business interaction and processing ability, have for transportation, communications, public security, taxation, network etc. the relevant supervision departments in accordance with the transfer of query related network data information, database access network service platform of transportation administrative department in charge of supervision platform, server settings in mainland Chinese, are in conformity with the provisions of the network security management system and safety protection measures; (three) the use of electronic payment, shall be signed to provide payment and settlement services agreement with banks, non bank payment institutions; (four) having a fixed office space in the city, according to the request with the quality of service Quantity, safety supervision, complaint handling and other management personnel, has in the city to carry out information service and management ability of business; (five) operating system, safety production management system and service quality guarantee system sound management; (six) other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations. In addition to the above conditions, the foreign investment enterprise shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations on foreign investment. The application in the net about the car business service vehicles shall meet the following conditions: (a) 7 and the following passenger car; (two) a vehicle registered in the city, and the vehicle first registration date to apply under the age of 3 years; (three) comply with the technical performance of the vehicle operation safety related standards, vehicle exhaust our emissions to meet environmental standards; (four) installation with fixed type vehicle driving record function of satellite positioning device, emergency alarm device; (five) the vehicle has a vehicle electronic stability system, the airbag is not less than 4, the wheelbase is no less than 2700mm; the use of new energy vehicles, the wheelbase is not less than 2650mm, the mileage is not less than 250 kilometers and the power of not less than 100kW; (six) insurance business insurance business intercourse, third party liability insurance, accident insurance and the passengers Transport vehicle liability insurance; (seven) all belong to the individual, all vehicles under the name should have no other car registration and cruise network about cars, I shall obtain the "online booking taxi driver card"; (eight) other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations. The driver who applies for engaging in the service of the vehicle shall meet the following requirements.相关的主题文章: