Wu Ashun out of the race to return to Denmark to adjust to sprint Dubai-icesword

Wu Ashun will not be fit to return to exit the Danish match sprint Dubai Wu Ashun in the Olympic Games was tied for the thirtieth sina sports news Beijing on August 25th news, the European tour of Denmark (Made in Denmark) manufacturing season has started the first round of the competition, but the Chinese fans regret, the world’s highest ranked Chinese the golfer, now ranked 140th in the world of Wu Shun because of physical discomfort was forced to give up the game, return to rest. In order to prepare for the Olympic Games in Rio, the 31 year old Fujian star from Europe back to Beijing for two weeks of training, then arrived in Brazil to Chinese Olympic team training in the St Paul camp, then became the first in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games the Chinese golfer, then launched the four round of the Olympic Games the game will be eventually won, tied for thirtieth. After the Olympic Games finished, Wu Ashun at home in just a few days of rest, to Europe, to continue their journey of European tour. However, after arriving in Denmark, he felt sick and had to make a decision before the start of the game. In June this year won the Austria open and become the first to get 2 European Tour title, winning the European tour in Europe land level match China mainland players, although Wu Ashun has become one of the world’s highest ranked player Chinese, but also did not stop to rest, but to continue to qualify for the olympics. Subsequently, he hit the BMW international open, the French Open (two consecutive eliminated), then tied for forty-fifth in the Scotland open, able to ensure the Rio Olympic tickets. At present, the two European tour champion Wu Ashun participated in 15 games this season in the European tour, with a prize money of 304550 euros in seventy-first, from the shortlisted European tour finale Dubai DP World Championship Tour "cut line" – the top 60 is a long distance, so Wu Ashun will return after a good rest. Back to Europe after the adjustment of competition for good health and skills, trying to break into the November 17-20 at the European tour finals. After Wu Ashun retired, 21 year old teenager Li Haotong Chinese become the only one in the Danish manufacturing match player Chinese. This year’s China Open champion to 547026 euros in the Dubai prize in the competition for the thirty-seventh place, the finalists DP World Tour Championship prospects are relatively optimistic. (Luo Yi)相关的主题文章: