Worst Baby Shower Gifts-y580

Games Babies are universally loved. Therefore, celebrating a baby shower is something that everyone enjoys. After all, the baby is a bundle of joy and it is only natural that everyone wants to share a little of the joy and happiness. Sadly though, these sentiments do not always translate into reality when it .es to gift giving. Many people get the worst possible baby shower gifts one can imagine. Some of the features of bad baby shower gifts are: They are unimaginative, like baby bibs Their usefulness is limited, like infant clothes for newborns They are repetitious, like diapers which is what everyone thinks of as soon as they are invited to a baby shower They are decorative. Babies dont need them They do not address the age of the baby They are meant to coddle the baby beyond redemption, like the baby-wipe warmer The above are some of the characteristics of bad baby shower gifts. Unfortunately, a good percentage of guests make the mistake of buying the wrong baby shower gifts. They forget that new parents require day-to-day things as well as gifts that the baby will enjoy in the days and months to .e. Gifting something that the baby will never use is a waste of money. Such gifts merely collect dust, bringing little joy to the parents as well as the child. Some of the worst baby shower gifts: Infant baby clothes 相关的主题文章: