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The United States presidential election battle is approaching Hilary and Trump poll polls show support for the first time Hilary opened the 50% Trump presidential election in September is about to enter the way ahead of the final sprint stage, the two candidates Hilary and Trump to travel across the United States, a tense election campaign. The latest polls show that Hilary support rate into the 50% mark, ahead of Trump by 10 percentage points. On the other hand, the Central American countries recently went to the United States, illegal immigrants surge, the reason is that once Trump came to power, the United States may tighten immigration policy. A campaign by Hilary Trump racism "black history" in Reno, Nevada, Hilary has black history racism "Trump". Agence France-Presse reported that she was unusually sharp words". Hilary said that as a real estate tycoon Trump early had refused to rent to African American and Latino tenants sued, and once he opened the casino to court African employees. Hilary of the Trump campaign’s chief executive Steve · class Nongda adds the attack, said Trump Bannon shows his choice of white nationalism tendency. Bannon has been Trump fans in recent years. His website in recent months not only loyal to Trump propaganda, also sharp criticism of Hilary. Bannon is a foundation to expose and criticize the Clinton scandal as the main producer of films and propaganda. "A man who has a long history of racial discrimination, a supermarket tabloid, and a conspiracy to learn in the dark corners of the Internet, is not worthy of our government and army." Hilary said. Trump accused Hilary of using the fund or Trump also refused to yield. He rally in New Hampshire, said Hilary will support his campaign for the Americans called racist "disgusting tone, a commonplace talk of an old scholar". Trump "tit for tat" said Hilary was "racist", said she only ethnic minorities as "Piaocang, anything actually didn’t do for them. In addition, Hilary in the "mail door" and into the Clinton foundation There are still repercussions., funding scandal, Trump did not let this "new ammunition". The American media combing Hilary served as secretary of state for the first two years of the calendar and e-mail, she met with the non official sources, more than half had the Clinton Family Foundation donated money. "A huge criminal body run by Hilary, hidden in the State Department, was unveiled." Trump said. However, Hilary denied allegations about her abuse of power. Hilary poll lead 10 percentage points in the treatment of immigrants this week, Mr Trump’s stance has softened somewhat by Mr. He said that if elected president, he would put those "bad" immigrants out of the United States, not to "good" immigrants. Trump’s attitude had a big turn in comparison with the previous threat to repatriate all undocumented immigrants. But what is puzzling is that he recently reiterated that he would build a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico, and that Mexico would pay for it. In the Republican Party "demanding Chiefs", in accordance with the teleprompter began more that Trump spoke a speech, which makes "convergence mouth Trump, often stir up trouble that power相关的主题文章: