Two moon cake production date Gongyifu response to avoid the waste of food packaging in the u

Two moon cake production date   Gongyifu response to avoid the waste of food packaging in the use of the channel — original title: Gongyifu response to the "moon cake packaging double date" JINGWAH Times News (reporter Hu Xiaohong) yesterday, media reports said, there are two production date Gongyifu consumers buy moon cake packaging box, in which a fuzzy the production date is August last year. In this regard, Gongyifu yesterday issued a statement saying that all products are within the warranty period, there is no moon cake sell the next year. Buy moon cake two production date, according to media reports, some people buy two boxes of Beijing ershang group Gongyifu Xin Li Ruyi moon cakes in the Lotte Mart supermarket gongyixiqiao shop, take home after the discovery of moon cake boxes with two different production date. One of the more clear date of production is "August 1, 2016", and there is another font printed below "production date: 2015.08.12". The moon cake gift box marked on the shelf life of 60 days. In addition, consumers in the purchase of Gongyifu Yonghui supermarket Lugu Yixiang also appeared above the moon. Gongyifu are called the moon cake production this year Gongyifu last night said in a statement sent to reporters, the company actual production date for all packaging of moon cakes marked on 2016, and all within the warranty period, there is no moon cake sell the next year. Gongyifu how to prove to consumers that their products are produced in 2016? The statement said, first of all, the company in accordance with the newly revised national standard moon cake, the moon cake products produced by the implementation of standards by the old standard GB 19855 changed to the new standard GB T19855. At present, the products sold on the market are new standards, which proves that the production of moon cake this year. Gongyifu said that in 2015 the company production license for QS1124240100232016 SC10111150913833. Currently on the market for the sale of products are SC logo, which proves that the moon cake production for this year. The company said in a statement, all sales of moon cake products, the production department will carry out strict inspection before delivery, to ensure that each batch of products are recorded corresponding to the production process, can be traced back to the production time, production batch, production batch of raw materials, so there is no moon cake in selling phenomenon. Use in packaging is to reduce waste since the product was produced this year, why there are reports mentioned in the "two date moon cake gift box"? In this regard, Gongyifu said that this is mainly due to the company in 2015 to some varieties of moon cakes unsalable, which had been the moon cake gift was returned to the fcl. In order to reduce the waste, the company will gift box moon cake is removed, and the shelf life of the cakes were processed. "These boxes average cost about 20 yuan," Gongyifu responsible person told reporters, "based on the principle of conservation, the company will return the empty box for the special store." In December 1, 2015 the newly revised "moon cake" national standards promulgated and implemented, the old standard number GB19855 into the new standard number GB T19855. Company and Dunhuang printing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. signed a contract by the company will be相关的主题文章: