Two billion daughter with the box, Guo Jingjing rely on the same thing on the spike Cathy Chui (vide-clonecd

Two by Guo Jingjing with daughter-in-law billion box, something seckill Cathy Chui recently, in addition to Hong Kong Olympic team, Diving Queen Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok couple, as Hongkong celebrities, Li Jiacheng had also attended the dinner, Cathy Chui and Guo Jingjing together with the daughter-in-law of billions of Olympic champions intimate photo. That night, Cathy Chui wore a white Halter collar shirt looks lily-white skin, Guo Jingjing wore a red lace blouse looks simple, happy. Cathy Chui fans Starchaser billion daughter-in-law sister outfit stop 500 thousand actually two people is not the first time the same frame. A two photo with Guo Jingjing, white strapless dress collocation exquisite jewelry, looks simple atmosphere, Cathy Chui black silk dress stitching perspective, looks very sexy legs partly hidden and partly visible. Both are rich and powerful, two people are hundreds of billions of daughter-in-law, it is inevitable to be used to compare, then in the end who’s clothing products better? Is orange red skirt, Cathy Chui deep V large pendulum, show the smooth curve with color collocation, handbags, looks sexy; Guo Jingjing Slim Pencil, leg length so that the whole people looks very elegant, a pair of high heels nude color collocation, the people look sedate end zhuang. Guo Jingjing white dress is mopping the floor goddess fan children, Cathy Chui red stitching blue skirt collocation pretty lively, high-heeled shoes will show legs, but compared with Guo Jingjing, lose a lot in front of. Cathy Chui wore a pink dress a goldfish looks very fluffy, pink yarn girl, the other is not only significant and delicate. Guo Jingjing dressed in a bright red sleeveless dress collocation glitter silver evening bag, very visual impact, black hair with high pull, let people be domineering and aura. The last two teams couple photo, Cathy Chui purple furry dress collocation black heels, gorgeous but somewhat frivolous, Guo Jingjing dressed in a nude heavy suit, looks noble and gentle. In summary, Cathy Chui looks like a small woman care by her husband, and Guo Jingjing who is with the husband and even the gas field, with 31 World Championships, the atmosphere can not compare with Cathy Chui.相关的主题文章: