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Video-Conferencing The world is changing and so are methods of .munication available to businesses. To stay afloat in this ever-changing market, you need to keep your business up to date. By replacing your years-old .munication process with video conferencing , you can benefit from these changes to technology whilst saving money. What is Video Conferencing? Video conferencing is an interface that lets users organise a conference using tele.munication technologies. Users located at different offices or .panies can participate in a videoconference to get a real time conferencing experience without the travel. By streaming video and audio files in real time, video conferencing equipment helps people in two or more locations to interact with each other; creating the right virtual environment for group .munication and discussion. Video conferencing consists of suitable hardware and software to transmit video and audio signal simultaneously. Videoconference technology is distinguishably different from videophones though both are capable of audio and video transmission simultaneously. Videophone uses duplex transmission process where only two nodes can .municate with each other; whereas, video conferencing is designed for group or one on one .munications. Hence, individuals and groups in two or more places can easily interact with each other with a video conference solution, allowing world wide real time meetings to take place. Advantages of Video Conference technology: Video Conference solutions provide real financial benefits in the long run. Without video conferencing in your .pany when you need to hold conferences or meetings with staff in remote locations, customers or suppliers you need to arrange either a basic telephone conference or visit these locations physically. Both the processes are expensive and limiting. Using video conferencing services, you can meet remotely located people and have a group .munication without incurring any additional cost. Saving travelling time and costs will also reduce the carbon footprint of your .pany whilst saving lengthy delays caused by most travel methods weather you are flying or travelling by car. Finally, the interface is simple to use. Video conferencing equipment does not need highly skilled operators; users can control the hardware and software with just basic training. About the Author: The Importance Of Video Surveillance Chicago Il By: Jimmy Fernandez – Keeping in mind the security concerns of current times, installing a video surveillance Chicaco IL in residential and .mercial places is a necessity rather … Tags: M2170-659:content On Ibm Smarter Cities Sales By: Judith M. Ehlers – M2170-659: IBM Smarter Cities Sales Mastery Test v1 exam is applicable to those individuals that are interested for the smarter cities sales, the professional … Tags: Webrtc – The Future Of Video Conferencing By: Deeksha – WebRTC is the most trending technology in the field of visual .munications. It has the supremacy to allow web developers to integrate voice and video on web … Tags: Ensure .plete Security For Your Property With Video Surveillance In Chicago, Il By: Jimmy Fernandez – Keep your home, business and valuable assets under thorough supervision through video surveillance in Chicago, IL and other places. Know some of the significa … Tags: A .pletely Different Twist On Internet Marketing Giveaways By: Jenson Phillips – Clickbank Giveaways A .pletely Different Twist On Internet Marketing Giveaways Advertise market your business, your products or services,plus your se … Tags: The Skeptics And Online Contests By: Rhed Mars – People nowadays are quite skeptical about online contests and sweepstakes alike. It’s no wonder as there are so many scams in existence and being jaded concer … Tags: Ten Of The Most Popular Travel Apps By: Juliann Theissen – At first glance, the Galaxy 5 looks strikingly similar to Samsung’s own Corby, except for the additional four hardware shortcut buttons at the bottom. It’s ti … Tags: Some Of The Best Applications For The Blackberry In 2012 By: Florian Seabolt – Last Christmas you probably saw evidence of large retail stores using social media tools to interact with their customers. Television stations have started do … Tags: Text Your Ex Back Review – How To Get Your Ex Back By: Neva Rinehart – So the time has .e for the way we all knew Brightkite to change over to Grouptext. However, don’t fret, they kept the Brightkite name. Tags: Android Is All Established To Overpower Ios By: Sanford Elphinstone – FarmVille – FarmVille is the most-played game on Facebook. Within this sport, it is possible to grow your crops, create structures, harvest pets, and more. Yo … Tags: 相关的主题文章: