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Tourists like Qinghai autumn picture – Qinghai Channel – original title: foreign visitors in Qinghai autumn is "driving into the territory of Qinghai, a beautiful autumn, do not deliberately go to scenic spots in Qinghai, there is an attraction called" on the road "." From Sichuan’s history, to the reporter praised Qinghai autumn. The National Day holiday, the reporter saw many in our province, many tourists from Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu and other places to drive a glimpse of beautiful Qinghai intoxicating autumn. "Autumn is the language in Beishan unspeakable, the kind of beauty, the kind of natural magic, the kind of natural, it is the best ecological environment of Forest Park." Huzhu Beishan National Forest Park gate, just out of the area of the white lady is also immersed in the fairy tale beauty, white lady told reporters that she had heard from Xi’an, Qinghai in the summer of cool climate, beautiful scenery, but because of work reasons, Miss Xia Jing, but did not expect to fall in Qinghai, autumn is here so beautiful, she said with emotion: "it’s been a worthwhile trip!" Also make tourists autumn ornamental — Kanbula national Forest Park in the same tourists. Toyama, Cang Bai, Huang Yelin, valley, farms and layers of coiled highway under youyuanerjin, which constitutes a beautiful autumn, "too beautiful, like the mountain paint tray knocked over nature, red, green, yellow, blue, which can be called" cenglinjinran. "!" Tourists from Gansu Zhai heartfelt praise. (commissioning editor Zhang Zhiping and Yang Yang)相关的主题文章: