To expand the product line to BMW to compete or push 7 Series Coupe (video)

To expand the product line to BMW to compete or push 7 Series Coupe before the overseas media reported that BMW is developing a new 7 Series Coupe version. According to relevant sources, the new car is expected to be available in 2019, the future of its competitors will be locked for the Mercedes Benz S class (with reference, pictures, inquiry) Coupe models. "Foreign media draw 7 Series Coupe imaginary map" is currently in the overseas market, BMW 7 Series (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) in terms of sales is not with the same level of the Mercedes Benz S class match. With the next year, Audi launched a new generation of automatic driving system with a new generation of A8 models, the situation faced by the 7 departments will be more severe. Foreign media that, compared to the two competitors, 7 somewhat lacking in the highlight of design and top technology configuration, the car can not be like the Mercedes Benz S coupe coupe, as convertible, and similar to the Maybach class S (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) long wheelbase version of the model. Therefore, BMW launched 7 Series Coupe plan is a kind of active remedial measures. "BMW cash 6" careful Huangdao eye BMW 7 Series luxury & #20839; long road shaking show but according to earlier news, a new generation of BMW 6 series will be the 7 cash system based on CLAR platform to build, and the party appeared in 2019. So we can not help but feel puzzled: people in the so-called being developed in the 7 Series Coupe is the larger size of the new generation 6 series? At present, we can not give the correct answer, please look forward to our new car with more information to be exposed.相关的主题文章: