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Arts-and-Entertainment Accept the tattoo is undoubtedly an adventure. When people are no longer the tattoo as a nation accustomed to, the city has set off a tattoo climax. The stylish tattoo is the best way to self-expression. Discover, understand, and accept – the tattoo is the thinking and the behavior of the two-stroke. As soon as possible, we can reach the other side of the tattoo culture through tourism Thailand: the mysterious power of the tattoo Traditional tattoos Kingdom of Thailand, the tattoo has a mysterious power of exorcism and evil. Thai society as a tattoo Normal body decoration, jewelry, fashion wear there is no difference. Thailand’s major cities, tattoo parlors abound, each tattoo shop can provide consumers with thousands of mode selection of the materials used to pay the standard, such as tattoos, to maintain the time and the degree of difficulty, which is usually a palm-sized Common Tattoo 3000 baht (700 million). Tattoo parlors in Bangkok are mainly concentrated in the center of Sukhumvit Road, Silom Road and Ratchadaphisek Phi color, these tattoo shop tattoo, including tourists, including the use of short-term material no physical injury plant extracts, pure hand-applied to the human body, can guarantee that two weeks does not fade, if you regret it can be clean, so very popular. To other cities A large number of tattoo parlors in Hua Hin, Thailand, the price is also cheaper than in Bangkok, enjoy a different kind of style of coastal cities. Featured: Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, in March of each year, the government will hold a traditional tattoo appreciation ceremony, this tattoo is a lot of Thai people, and the scene is very lively, no doubt, is the best place, the traditional Thai tattoo. United States: from barbarism to fashion Tattoo in the history of the United States, the Indians began to be considered is the most barbaric acts. The modern the American Tattoo human from the invention of the first electronic tattoo equipment in 1891, the patent of the first American servicemen Navy in World War II, Tattoo culture in the United States have developed rapidly. American rock star, has now become Hollywood stars and sports stars Tattoo enthusiasts to follow the object. Many young Americans have tattoos as a part of life. At the top of the most developed countries, the United States or tattoos, tattoos and tattoo master. To the United States to do a tattoo is a lot of tattoo lovers dream. Featured: United States each year in different places held a special tattoo festival, such as Hollywood, Miami and Florida, many tattoo festival and rock music, environmental publicity and tied to a specific timetable can be accessed. Tattoo master Paul: one of the most famous American tattoo master, his works thriller Avatar the same color, a large area features a tattoo round fighting for the object of pursuit, and lead the world trend tattoo. Japan: tattoos spikes Shogunate in Japan, the tattoo of the identity of the person to identify criminals. Tattoo on behalf of low-income and discrimination, so these people are willing to combine, "us" and the formation of the mafias, they are called "tramp". But now Japanese society Slowly in addition to prejudice, young people believe that a tattoo is a pure body art is no longer link and the underworld; well as by those who have no history left biased Western celebrities tattoos become more popular. Japanese public bath and spa restore prohibited tattoo bathing notice, but it does not prevent the development of the Japanese tattoo, go to Japan to participate in or find a well-known master tattoo exhibition has become a lot of fashion people travel purposes, gorgeous, full of history and The symbolic art features make Japan to become the world’s tattoo spike countries. Special Note: three generations of head carving Youxi is one of the world’s top Japanese tattoo master, the legendary Japan Yamaguchi-gumi "Queen tattooists. He is principally engaged in the delicate, the atmosphere, and the originality of his work is unique, every inch of delicate classic. Japanese tattoo, the world’s first tattoo museum curator, the museum has collected 12 tattoos President of the Federation, His "Code from the" philosophy of art has been a lot of tattoo master.He was born in 1946, known as the "Hori" Dear tattoo artists, he inherited and developed the tradition of 200 years the essence of Japanese tattoo. In his studio in Yokohama All tattoos are his pair Cherish complete, rather than relying on the auxiliary power supply. His works also confined to traditional themes, such as flowers, koi. Three generations of tattoo parlors provide customers with a wide range of uses, many of whom have to pay U.S. $ 20,000 tattoo masterpiece – a body tattoo. Spend a few hours each week to take two years to complete a tattoo. It seems that even if the tattoo art to bear the pain, but it seems to have been completely obsessed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: