This iPhone 8 awkward dual lens is plus exclusive ssport

This iPhone 8 awkward dual lens is Plus exclusive apple iPhone 7 has just released last week, now do not start formal sales, had to begin to consider next year’s iPhone 8, after the news release ten anniversary next year iPhone will skip the iPhone 7S released iPhone 8. Now the famous KGI securities analyst Guo Mingchi puliao, 2017 new iPhone version of Plus is still the exclusive exclusive dual camera configuration, and a 4.7 inch version is still single camera design. Guo Mingchi pointed out that the configuration of the dual camera enthusiasts for photography is indeed more attractive, but for ordinary consumers, this is not a key selling point. And taking into account the high cost of dual cameras and Apple’s high-end models for iPhone added value pursuit, so next year’s iPhone is still only Plus version will be equipped with dual cameras. At the same time, he also said that although this year’s iPhone 7 Plus dual lens only wide-angle lens to support optical anti shake, but next year, the new iPhone 8 Plus lens will be equipped with optical anti voice coil motor. In addition, according to previous exposure of the news, iPhone 8 will return to the glass body, while further cancel the Home key, using OLED screen, iPhone 7 students without feeling, may wish to look forward to next year’s iPhone Plus.相关的主题文章: