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The Yunnan biggest rattan tea ancient tea garden, known as rattan tea town – Sohu and ancient mountains all has a kind of magical power, "Mencius · dedication to" in the words of Confucius "climb the Mountain Lu, Deng Taishan and small world". Du Fu in the "Wang Yue" is also "sigh would be extremely Ling, list of small hills". For our tea, the most familiar should is the "cloud mountain tea". If the altitude in Taishan, the peak elevation of 1545 meters, as the east mid altitude Mengku the highest, the largest area of ancient tea garden, dam waxy average altitude of 1840 meters, the highest elevation of 1900 meters, is based in Taishan. And because of the sea dam glutinous low air pressure, air is relatively thin, the tree transpiration speed, more abundant in the tea aroma, tea aroma fragrance, rich vigor, the bottom of the cup after brewing fragrant lasting. And because the dam is the highest waxy Mengku east mid ancient tea garden, tea can receive more sunlight and accumulate more nutrients; while night temperature is low dam waxy, tea plant nutrient consumption less. More accumulation and less consumption, so that the tea contains more abundant. The dam of waxy altitude, temperature and precipitation are more suitable for the growth of tea Pu’er Tea, it is precisely because of the nature of these ecological conditions richly endowed by nature, that is located in the highest point of the Mid East Mengku dam to dam with waxy waxy, tea in the turmoil of the Republic of China, become the most prosperous river, the most prosperous village. The dam is a waxy story filled with legendary tea, the period of the Republic of China on the dam of waxy and exquisite natural conditions richly endowed by nature rattan tea art, the development of the waxy dam Shuangjiang rich village, the most wealthy families of Mengku in dam is waxy, aristocratic buildings. Rattan tea glutinous dam reputation through all Lincang, and abroad (who will transport the dam dam of waxy waxy tea to Southeast Asia countries, selling) with extremely strong position in the field of Pu’er Tea. In addition to the ecological environment of the dam of waxy local cultivation of tea richly endowed by nature, art is a must! The famous tea lady praised "the epic scholar Zhan rattan tea called dam waxy world, its amazing beauty tea. People have cultivated rattan waxy dam break tea technology and efforts in Shuangjiang incomparable." The age of the largest and oldest rattan tea in the dam dam of waxy waxy, known as the "rattan tea town" reputation, the dam is now the most complete preservation of the waxy rattan tea plantation. There are tea before asking what is the difference between the cane tea and Dayezhong, in fact I in micro number: (long press copy) and a friend said: Yunnan Dayezhong tea Pu’er tea belongs to the trees, if not for the rest of the president is very hard to pick up tall. After the rest with the technology of tea tea culture of rattan, rattan and slender branches will become very similar, hence the name of rattan tea, tea is not so long as the cane. Although after artificial pruning, but the cane tea is still Dayezhong tea tree, only on the tip of the shoots because cane to get nutrition and sunshine more than usual, tea tea length will be slightly longer. However, rattan tea culture can get more high-quality tea相关的主题文章: