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The Xinjiang autonomous region Commission informed seven Party cadres not as a typical problem – Politics – in Beijing in October 14, according to the Xinjiang autonomous region Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website news, recently, the autonomous region discipline bulletin 7 as the 7 typical problems, not as a typical problem is: the government of Urumqi City Tianshan District vice mayor Li Wenjun to implement measures to safeguard stability poor. In September 2, 2016, the autonomous region stability inspection team found in the Urumqi province of Tianshan District Park, Yan’er nest two public security checkpoints to conduct unannounced visits, public security checkpoints Wulabo staff without the inspection of vehicles directly release, pedestrian security door is not connected with the power supply; public security checkpoints Yan’er nest security door is not open source, in security it is difficult to identify various types of liquid equipment under the condition of no manual inspection. Li Wenjun as Wulabo, Yan’er nest public security checkpoints to contact the leadership, supervise the implementation of measures to safeguard stability is poor, failed to detect and eliminate the serious hidden dangers of security work stability. September 2016, Li Wenjun by administrative warning. Party secretary of Turpan daily, President Jiang Kun to fulfill the responsibility of poor leadership stability. In September 21, 2016, Sha Kun during the Asia Europe Expo security level in response to the autonomous region in violation of the relevant work requirements, unauthorized off-site 2 hours to attend a friend dinner and drinking, still refused to cooperate with the inspection teams working in the inspection personnel liangmingshenfen, bad attitude. September 2016, sand Kun was removed from the Turpan daily party secretary, President duties. In Akeqi County People’s Congress of ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee Director Abdul Ma Muti Seoul Hong? Implement measures to safeguard stability poor. During the G20 summit level in response to the inspection team found Akeqi County peace road community duty on import building personnel registration examination, class leaders spit Khun? Abdul Ma Muti is not in the post. Seoul Hong? Abdul Ma Muti as a live Peace Road community working group, not strictly implement the leadership class system, AWOL, implement stability maintenance duty measures ineffective. In September 2016, Seoul Hong Abdul Ma Muti subject to administrative warning?. Kashi Mengaiti County Water Conservancy Bureau Director Zhu Xinmin and other issues of dereliction of duty dereliction of duty. Mengaiti County Water Conservancy Bureau in the County flood control project CHIAS assumed responsibility to perform their duties conscientiously, supervision and management is not in place, resulting in the flood control project quality problems. In April 2016, the flood control project quality problems have the primary responsibility for the leadership of Zhu Xinmin by the party warning, have direct leadership responsibility of the deputy director of the Wang Wei County Water Conservancy Bureau, quality supervision station of Xu Shiling are subject to party a serious warning, are responsible for the direct supervision of the Water Conservancy Bureau technician Mao Wenju by the party a serious warning. He Yuguang, deputy director of the Tacheng Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau deputy director of water saving work dereliction of duty. He Yuguang is responsible for the efficient water-saving project implementation period, in the measurement of Tacheng city Abudoulaxiang five village irrigation area, did not perform their duties seriously, repeated measurement of the village irrigation area, resulting in five households in the village village committee director Ma Fuzhen took the opportunity to obtain grants. August 2016, He Yuguang by the party a serious warning. Hotan Moyu County Audit Bureau, Li Peixin dereliction of duty problems. Li Peixin is in charge of checking the replacement of trees on the land相关的主题文章: