The woman will be 1 year-old children throw to strangers after leaving and then did not show up (Fig queer as folk

The woman will be 1 year-old children throw to strangers after leaving and then did not show up (Figure) – Sohu news in a day where I do not know the family on New Year’s Eve, a woman in a fast-food restaurant in Zhengzhou even the arms about a year old child threw a stranger, then slam the door to leave, did not show up until now. Fortunately, the child has not been too much suffering, is the area police temporary shelter. Although the little guy is very well, but the police still hope that the child’s parents or family can take the child, or with the birth parents together." [event] her one year old baby thrown to the stranger in February 6th, will celebrate the new year, in a McDonald’s restaurant near the city of Zhengzhou, Jianshe Road Tongbai Road, but had an unbelievable thing. At 6:28 in the morning, a more than 20 year old woman holding a sleeping child walked into the store, the first point of a hot drink, followed by some food, also for a seat, looked like in others. At 6:59, the woman received a phone call, and call the "as if a dispute, talking very red." The clerk on duty said that the child may be noisy, noisy, the woman stood up holding a few laps, then began to pick up things. At 7:18, the woman in the bosom of the child to next to a middle-aged woman, and then picked up something shuaimen away. A middle-aged woman holding a child quickly chased out, but found no trace, the clerk rushed to the police. "I don’t know her." The face of the police inquiry, the middle-aged woman said. The police had to temporarily put the child back to the police station. But until that night, the child’s family also didn’t show up. [in] the family nearly half a month did not show up in the Jianshe Road branch of the public security management service Squadron, about a year old girl is quite cute, glued on duty deputy commander Yue Haopeng. There is a proposal to send their children to the orphanage, but Yue Haopeng did not agree: as soon as the new year, worried that their children will not meet in the orphanage, then let his wife put the girl back home. Today, children in the Yue Haopeng family for half a month, the child’s family still did not appear. In the Yue Haopeng family, the child has a name "beep", this is Yue Haopeng’s six year old son, "Adorable sister is very cute, like" bear "in dudu." This nearly half a month, Yue Haopeng and his wife Ms. Zhang took her as his own daughter, during the Spring Festival with her relatives. Although the family are very reluctant, Yue Haopeng decided to find the child’s family, "whatever is left the child for what reason, but it is flesh and blood."

女子将1岁幼童扔给陌生人后离开 再未露面(图)-搜狐新闻 孩子家人不知在哪里   除夕前一天,郑州一女子在快餐店内竟然把怀中约一岁的幼童扔给了陌生人,之后摔门离去,直到现在都没露面。   好在孩子并没有受到太大的磨难,被辖区民警暂时收留。虽然小家伙现在过得很好,但民警还是希望孩子的父母或者家人能来领走,“孩子还是跟亲生父母在一起好。”   【事件】   她把一岁娃扔给了陌生人   2月6日,就要过年了,在郑州市建设路桐柏路口附近的一家麦当劳店内,却发生了一件不可思议的事。   早上6点28分,一名20多岁的女子怀抱一个熟睡的孩子走进店内,先点了一杯热饮,随后又点了一些吃的,中间还换了一次座位,看样子像是在等人。   6点59分,女子接了一个电话,“好像和通话的人发生争执,说话很冲。”值班店员介绍说,孩子可能被吵到了,有点闹,女子站起来抱着转了几圈,之后开始收拾东西。   7点18分,女子把怀里的孩子递给旁边一名中年女子,然后拎起东西摔门而去。中年女子抱着孩子赶紧追出去,却发现人没了踪影,店员见状报警。   “我根本不认识她啊。”面对民警询问,该中年女子说。民警只好暂时把孩子带回派出所。而直到当天晚上,孩子的家人也没露面。   【进展】   孩子家人近半个月未露面   在建设路分局治安管理服务中队,这个约一岁的女童显得挺乖巧,黏上了当天值班的副中队长岳浩鹏。   有人提议把孩子送到福利院,但岳浩鹏没有同意:马上就过年了,担心孩子在福利院会不适应,便让妻子把女童接回了家。   如今,孩子在岳浩鹏家一待就是近半个月,孩子的家人仍没出现。在岳浩鹏家,孩子还有个名字“嘟嘟”,这是岳浩鹏六岁的儿子起的,“妹妹很萌很可爱,像《熊出没》里的嘟嘟。”   这近半个月时间里,岳浩鹏和妻子张女士把她当成亲生女儿养,春节期间还带着她走亲访友。   虽然家里人都很不舍,岳浩鹏还是决定赶紧找到孩子的家人,“不管是出于什么原因把孩子扔下,但毕竟是亲骨肉啊。”相关的主题文章: