The woman was dragged under the night smashing windows jumping daytime strip half naked commit suici-douke

The woman was dragged under the night smashing windows jump during the day then strip half naked suicide night, a woman sitting somehow on the 3 floor window, and window glass smashed home downstairs, fortunately the rescue personnel rescued overnight. But the next day, the woman went topless and bad repeat the stock tricks, 3 floor windows dropped after Aluminum Alloy. See the rescue after the angry pad up, the woman mood and temper up unexpectedly jumped downstairs, but fortunately downstairs fire rescue life saved her life. 25 days, Huludao fire officers and soldiers involved in the rescue of briefed reporters on the rescue of female jumping. The evening of September 21st, a new building near the Longgang District, Huludao, a residential building, there is a woman jumping. After receiving the alarm, police station area and the local fire brigade immediately rushed to the rescue. I saw the scene with a woman sitting on the third floor window, emotional, and their own home and smashed the window thrown downstairs. The simple understanding that the woman was only 1 people at home, and locked the door. At first, the fire brigade did not dare to immediately break the door, in order to avoid accidents. After the understanding of the situation, the fire brigade quickly filled up the life-saving air cushion, ready to rescue. The woman was shouting, holding a cell phone seems to call, and later said to be taken to the downstairs photos. Then the police while looking for female relatives, while trying to find ways to rescue the 3 floor. We actively downstairs to appease the woman’s emotions, to prevent their emotions out of control jump." Rescue personnel said. After several efforts, and finally the woman’s relatives arrived, the police and they came into the house with the woman pulled. The rescuers unexpected, September 22nd at 10 o’clock in the morning, the woman jumped again to repeat the stock tricks. Police and fire rescue personnel go again, and lay on the ground rescue cushion. Unexpectedly, the woman saw paved air cushion, the mood seems to be more irritable. "She will throw off the coat, naked upper body and sit on the 3 floor window, from time to time Aluminum Alloy will also raise a hue and cry, the window broke down and thrown downstairs. Not only that, but she was so excited that she threw herself off the floor. The woman also has from time to time, dancing, shouting, excited when still lying to the outside of the air conditioner unit." Downstairs in the rescue personnel in the breath and sweat for the woman, the woman suddenly jumped from the third floor, but fortunately downstairs has already set up rescue cushion saved a life woman. Subsequently, the rescue personnel from the air cushion found jumping female, and to their clothes. Because the blood woman, then the woman 120 ambulances will be taken away for treatment. College tuition cheated to jump > > > Liaoning local news more welcome tomorrow "diving" [Daliaohe brother 500 cool vanilla chicken series, please you eat for free! Pay attention to "the Daliaohe net" WeChat (txdaliao), reply to the "chicken string" understand and participate in the activities, the most professional in Shenyang chicken on your evaluation! ]相关的主题文章: