The weather is cool, to the child’s knowledge of the quilt you understand Sohu –

The weather is cool, to the child’s knowledge of the quilt you understand? – Sohu maternal and child (child care) said the original, reproduced please mark the source of small bells with all children, like playing the quilt, my mother to get up at night to help him cover 3, 4 times before dawn. Seeing the weather getting colder and colder, my mother bought him a sleeping bag, but he wore 1, after 2 times, how would not wear. Every time his mother let him wear to cry, but mom can only get up every night. But sometimes because he was too tired to get up, several times to wake up and found that the small bell to the quilt under the pressure of the body, the body was also his clothes from his stomach to the chest. As a result, the recent 3 months a small bell cold! Small Asian mother is also very confused, she said Aspie every night sweating, sometimes think that cover too much so sweat, but sometimes just let her wear a thin sleeping bag, will sweat soaked pillow. Small sub mother is very anxious, so go down quasi sick, because she did not know how to give the child a quilt. I believe this is also a problem for many mothers. The weather is cold, how to let the children sleep not to catch a cold? What if the child kicks the quilt and refuses to wear a sleeping bag? How to judge the child quilt cover more or less? For children to wear a lot of clothes to sleep what serious consequences? Can you wear socks when you go to bed? You can give your child a blanket? Today children said small series of past experience and the knowledge in his head to organize, to help children have a warm winter do not get sick of it: 1, winter wear sleeping bag for children to wear sleeping bags, for mothers night is a worry way. Newborns can be wrapped with packs, both warm and full of security. After the children have finished sleeping bags or wrapped bags, and then covered with light weight but warm quilt can be winter. But there are some small troubles in sleeping bags. The sleeping bag with turning around wide uncomfortable in the body how to do? Generally buy sleeping bags are wide, the children turn over during sleep, a sleeping bag to the back, front twist back to the front to haunt children, adults look uncomfortable, the children sleep is not comfortable, how to do? The rubber band you can wear pants with a head, then sewn in the sleeping bag can be online, do a lap two laps, that does not matter, can be gently fastened. The child is old enough to change a long rubber band. If you think this way too much trouble, can give children to buy sleeping bags that straddle. Thick sleeping bag a sweat, thin sleeping bag also a sweat, in the end how to cover? In general, the child is considered too much or too much cover, even if the thin sleeping bag is hot, then the sleeping bag is appropriate. But there is a child is not wearing sweats, even if not cover will be sweating, this situation can not blindly believe that children are caused because of the heat. If the judgment is not clear, the child may be frozen. Children sweating, normal and abnormal difference: if the child is asleep after 1-2 hours after midnight sweating, no sweat, and only the head and around the head sweating, for physiological sweating, is a normal phenomenon, with age will gradually disappear; but if the child is all night sweating, and head, the chest and the back piece of sweat, is weak or missing!相关的主题文章: