The Taiwan authorities humiliated the mainland media only retired generals to combat alien Military pigeon blood

The Taiwan authorities humiliated the mainland media: only for the retired generals to attack the dissident Military Channel of the Taiwan Sohu – retired generals attended was held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing Sun Zhongshan birthday anniversary, sparked controversy, the Taiwan authorities denounced the "Premier" Lin Taiwan retired generals misconduct, the DPP legislators also proposal to cancel their retirement pension. Taiwan, "China Times" 18, commented that we must be a deeper reflection, why retired generals appear in such an occasion? First of all, Taiwan retired generals are supported by the education of the Republic of China and oppose Taiwan independence". Look at the current ruling authorities to go to China policy and the direction of going to Taiwan independence, Taiwan retired generals to participate in the activities of the mainland, may be regarded as a protest against the current policy direction of the new authorities in the country. Furthermore, the retired generals in Taiwan to participate in the Great Hall of the people to commemorate the activities of Sun Zhongshan, because the DPP to go to the sun, go to Chiang Kai Shek movement, an event is not held. Today, the green committee said to punish Taiwan retired generals, there seems to be no reason at all! Taiwan retired generals to participate in the activities in Beijing, attended the inauguration of Cai Yingwen and his control is a different approaches but equally satisfactory results but which side of Taiwan, more harm? Gu Kuanmin in singing the national anthem, still sitting on the image of Taiwan greater harm. Do not know why not condemn the Green Committee of Taiwan retired generals Koo Kwang Ming, has vigorously criticized. Baseball game will be invited to the stadium singer singing the national anthem, regardless of the presence of people is what nationality, or not love us, must stand up, because this is the international etiquette. When Taiwan because hung Chung Yau events, dog abuse incident, male three missiles and tanks mistakenly shot events under the capsized events, politicians and media angry, has injured Taiwan military morale and image. The previous Taiwan in typhoon disaster relief and post disaster clean-up, see people shooting like a badly frightened person. The Taiwan retired generals to participate in the activities of the Taiwan is also undoubtedly slander and projection of disaffection. The DPP full force Taiwan retired generals as another ideological dissidents. "Taiwan times" China 18, another commentary also said, returning Japanese send fishing island, destroying Sun Zhongshan, like Jiang Zhongzheng, Chinese down all negative things, this is not the "Taiwan independence" best, every day doing? This "anti" evil, not against Wu Sihuai, the summer summer is Japan, said China army, national unified position has been consistent, "Taiwan independence" requirements of offences, deprived of property, because of persecution has been successful, so now the implementation of further persecution, thought of infidelity can be punishment for 5 years, confiscation of property. Chinese people to "reverse", "anti" charges to oppress the people; as for the anti authoritarian, can be free to authoritarian tyranny; to pull down Sun Zhongshan totem to destroy Pope who can’t sing "my party ancestor" persecution. All opposition, rebel, destroy fathers innocence.相关的主题文章: