The strongest counter attack! Argentina 4 million grassroots tyrants shame Gonzalo

The strongest counter attack! Argentina 4 million grassroots Feng Ba shame Higuain Prato celebrates sina sports for the Columbia game, Argentina coach Bauza made a bold change, he replaced the famous Gonzalo Higuain with almost no what famous Prato, while another superstar Aguero also missed the first. Results the Bauza bold bet that he could gain the nickname "fat" Prato showed a desire for the goal, the game Messi assists the team scored the second goal. The 28 year old Prato until September 6th of this year to usher in his first goal for the national team, but the goal to help the team win. This time, Prato’s goal finally bring victory to the Argentina team. Twenty-third minutes, he helped Argentina to expand the score, Messi was right Luneiqie in Prato, 10 yards header a bouncing ball break, Argentina 2 to 0 lead. Prato Prato headed home for Messi, only worship and gratitude. Not long ago in an interview with Sports TyC Prato said: "my brother and I just said, now his only dream is to have a son, because he saw me playing alongside Messi. I have the pleasure of Leo is the same time players, and do the best in the world and fight, I will tell my daughter’s children, Messi and I played together." About Messi, Barcelona 10, Prato praise honest: "he greeted me as I know, his honest surprised me, when a person around you and share things, even more so, it is very important to us, because it makes us calm, he met for the first time take the tension." In the score, Prato has embraced Messi, the Barcelona expressed gratitude. Play in Brazil Team Racing Mineiro Prato fame is far better than Gonzalo Higuain and Aguero, who is far better than after two players. The German transfer market net worth to Prato standard only 4 million euros, while Gonzalo Higuain is worth 75 million euros, Aguero also reached 60 million euros. But this time, the hearts of the fans in Argentina, the hero is prato. Seventy-ninth minutes of the game, replaced by Gonzalo Higuain Bauza Prato Prato, results from fans cheered, but after playing Gonzalo Higuain suffered the Biancocelesti fans treat. Prato this season, according to the data, the Dow Boka Prato youth soccer club, after playing for FC Lyn, Catholic University Football Club played in Serie A, in addition to Genoa, Argentina to play in the domestic club for a long time, in January 2015 to join Pakistan a giants atletico. Prato 2015 season with 13 goals to win the Pakistan copper boots, with 23 goals to become the top scorer Mineiro athletic. Spoof Gonzalo Higuain in the Brazil League this season, Prato played 418 minutes, scored 2 goals, but in the Libertadores cup, Prato played 900 minutes, scored 4 goals. Argentina’s "national newspaper" pointed out that the field of Columbia Prato very clearly the importance of the game, but to him, this is also a very rare opportunity. Not all)相关的主题文章: