The Spring Festival in the first China armed police vessel within 12 nautical miles of the Diaoyu Is mp7a1

Chinese armed police boat after the first spring festival in the Diaoyu islands within 12 nautical miles of cruise Chinese maritime police boat 31239, Japan’s Kyodo News reported on February 17th, after the Japanese coast guard patrol confirmed, 3 ships Chinese police vessels at Beijing time 17 days at 12:40 PM, have been entering the Diaoyu islands near 12 nautical miles sea cruise, in about 1.5 hours after leaving law enforcement 12 nautical miles, and continue sailing in the waters adjacent to the lateral. The Japanese side confirmed that this was the fifth time that China’s official ship entered the 12 nautical mile cruise of the Diaoyu Islands in 2016, and the last one was in February 4th. Japan’s eleventh District of Naha maritime security headquarters said the 3 ships China police boat 1 aircraft is equipped with cannon "suspected police 31239". The other 2 are "coast guard 2101" and "coast guard 2307"". After the Japanese patrol ship issued a "warning", the Chinese maritime police ship responded to emphasize, "your ship has invaded our territorial waters, please comply with laws and regulations."". China National Oceanic Administration Web site announced on February 17th, February 17, 2016, China maritime police 2307, 2101, 31239 ship formation cruise in the waters of my Diaoyu islands.

中国武装海警船春节后首进钓鱼岛12海里内巡航 中国海警31239船   日本共同社2月17日报道称,经过日本海上保安厅巡逻船确认,3艘中国海警局船只于北京时间17日12点40分许,相继驶入钓鱼岛附近12海里海域 巡航,在执法约1个半小时后驶离12海里,并继续在外侧毗邻水域内航行。日方确认,这是中国公务船2016年第5次进入钓鱼岛12海里巡航,上一次是在2月4日。   日本第11管区那霸海上保安总部称,这3艘中国海警船中的1艘是疑似配备机关炮的“海警31239”。另外2艘是“海警2101”和“海警2307”。日方巡逻船发出“警告”后,中国海警船回应强调,“贵船已侵入我国领海,请遵守法律法规”。   中国国家海洋局网站2月17日发布消息证实,2016年2月17日,中国海警2307、2101、31239舰船编队在我钓鱼岛领海内巡航。相关的主题文章: