The rocket and the bottom of the League data teammates suck harden what about MVP (video)

The rocket and the bottom of the League data teammates suck Harden what about MVP [soundtrack] rocket 114-106 wizards into super wal legend before the team history in assists Harden Tencent 32+15 sports news November 9th, the Rockets defense efficiency had dropped to the bottom first league. Yesterday, after the end of the game against the wizards, their error data fell to the bottom of the first position. The new season rocket has achieved 4 wins 3 of the negative record, but the rebound and the errors hindering harden and the team. The Rockets missed too many games after the start of the new season, the Rockets played 7 games, of which there are 6 away. They won the game, are Nicks, Dallas, wizards such opponents, this season so far, these teams have only made a total of 4 wins and 14 negative record. It is now clear that the Rockets can beat the weaker teams, but want to go further, it is necessary to win some of the stronger opponent. At present, the Rockets do not have much of a problem, the core players, only Beverly can not play. Compared with the injury, the Rockets need to solve the defense and mistakes. Compared to last season, the Rockets defense is still not much improvement, even in the face of the Lakers without Kobe, there is no Nowitzki Mavericks, they are still not much change. In the past 7 games, the Rockets will lose about 108.3 points per game, ranking the league’s last fourth, if not the Wizards help, they should be more than 111 points in this data. Last season, the Lakers and the only data in the league is worse than this. In addition, the Rockets have reached the field errors and lost 18.4 points, the opponent by two attack score reached 14.4 points, these data are the reciprocal of the union level. Although the harden led the Rockets have a very good offensive, but the error data is too bad, it caused a great impact on the team. This season, 17% of the Rockets’ offense ended in error, the worst in the league. Rocket error data is not high, is not due to play too fast, the data show that the Rockets in this area behind the Pacers, blazers, Hornets and other teams, only ranked sixteenth in the league. More mistakes, the Rockets can only try to improve their offensive efficiency. In addition, the Rockets defensive rebounds ranked the last seventh league. In addition, their offensive rebounds can be ranked eighth in the league. Last season, the rockets and Howard, but this season, I do not know how to solve this problem rocket. Although the Rockets so bad, but now they achieved more than 50% of the winning team, bad defense, and certainly the off-season operation can not get away. In the offseason, the Rockets offered Anderson a salary of $20 million contract, but removed from the League for so many years, Anderson seems to have not learned how to defend. So far, Anderson’s offensive rebound rate of 9.2%, defensive rebound rate of 13.8%. As we all know, Anderson is a space type four, but it seems that his offensive rebounds to do better. In contrast, last season, Le’s offensive rebound rate of 7.1%, but his defensive rebound rate of up to 28.相关的主题文章: