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A sharp decline in air quality   Taiyuan cement casting full production — Environmental Protection — original title: a sharp decline in air quality Taiyuan: cement casting full production in November 27, Taiyuan newspaper (reporter Zhou Yajun) according to the grim situation, the air quality declined sharply after the winter in Shanxi recently, Taiyuan issued strict control of twelve Winter Atmospheric environmental quality measures and the implementation of regional atmospheric environment "chief responsibility system", within the jurisdiction of the territorial Government to monitor the site index burst table to bear the main responsibility. According to the regulations, before the end of the year, all the local construction site earthwork project fully shut down, shut down all of the concrete mixing station, all sediment transport all the outage, involving major livelihood projects must be approved by the municipal government before it can continue the construction work; all cement, carbon black, casting, iron alloy, magnesium metal, ceramics, refractories and other production enterprises all discontinued, all quarrying, mining, asphalt mixing, stone processing industries all production enterprises of all industrial standards can not be stability in the full production. Shijiazhuang newspaper (reporter Shi Ziqiang) in November 27, in response to the heating season in the haze of multiple problems, Hebei city of Langfang recently issued 10 "winter" measures. In accordance with the requirements of Langfang iron and steel, cement and foundry industry all enterprises should strictly enforce the stop measures to limit production, illegal production and plant dust and other environmental protection measures ineffective implementation, will be severely punished. The relevant departments will strengthen law enforcement inspection on pollution remediation and industrial parks and industrial agglomeration characteristics of small enterprises, in the region of small boilers, take water, power outages and cleaning materials, cleaning equipment, cleaning products and measures on illegal polluters. In addition to guarantee the people’s livelihood and logistics vehicles, other types of overseas diesel heavy truck is allowed to enter the city. Yellow cars, agricultural diesel vehicles in the city to implement a comprehensive ban. (commissioning editor: Zhao Yuhong (Intern), Shi Yaqiao)相关的主题文章: