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The plot is comparable to TV music as millet mutual tear to divert attention? Sohu Sohu in Ding Ding science and technology science and technology article exposed a series of music companies defaulted on supply chain payment, LETV company capital chain problems and other negative news, Jia Yueting published an open letter on Sunday afternoon, the capital and organizational stress encountered as a reflection, said the company developed the fast pace of management should bear the responsibility. Not surprisingly, Jia Yueting’s open letter today became the headlines of the media, music as a problem in the supply chain, the chain of funds, but also attracted the attention of the media. However, there has been a dramatic change in the plot on Monday afternoon, a display and a magazine reporter Lei WeChat chat screenshot is LETV official micro-blog posted as evidence. As the Ecological Administrative micro-blog in micro-blog said, Lei Jun acknowledges this dialogue. For this matter, as the Ecological Administrative micro-blog of Lei Jun said, "your mobile phone is rolling, TV technology is only, if the black black competitors means that your black technology more numerous… A man must be good…" According to the Sohu from the science and technology as the holding that the music video has confirmed the authenticity of Lei Jun and reporter screenshot. LETV said that the relevant personnel in WeChat and Lei Jun private chat, Lei Jun admitted the authenticity of this screenshot. Dramatically, with this similar screenshot, but also spread in the circle of friends. Someone’s brother also includes Yu Chengdong, Zhou Hong?. As the Ecological Administrative micro-blog release, millet company spokesman administrative micro-blog also released micro-blog, millet is not the Lei chat screenshots for evaluation in the administrative micro-blog, just want to face up to the problem of arrears as their supply chain. Millet official of Sohu technology said that this approach is the focus of the music as the transfer of the old tricks. Three big brothers began to spread from the morning of the online PS screenshot, millet did not think the picture will take all aspects of music as Lei. According to Sohu science and technology, the two reporters who have also said that the online spread of the screenshot is PS, and they do not have any relationship. HUAWEI and 360 also said the screenshot is false. The truth of the matter is now no longer important, it is important that many of the media to focus on the attention of a music player, transferred to the company, such as millet. No matter which one of the shots is true or false, the number of companies, especially between millet and music as the mutual tear, may become a classic case of marketing communication. Welcome to the exchange, Sohu contact information: · official email: mptcitnews@sohu-inc · official WeChat: sohukeji相关的主题文章: