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The outgoing one pass Gu Yongqiang group CEO office one Ali did not respond to Sina News on September 9th afternoon, Youku insiders of sina technologies said, Gu Yongqiang outgoing one group CEO. The Alibaba insiders also said on Sina Technology, Koo will remain chairman Ali al entertainment industry development leading group of the committee, a group of CEO after retiring, Gu Yongqiang will enter a Ali’s Fund for investment affairs. For the above news, a group of Alibaba and the two companies did not respond to the official. Earlier, the media broke the news that the resignation of Koo, a group of management is being adjusted. Therefore, originally scheduled for September 13th "Ali al entertainment living room strategy and Strategy Conference was postponed to October. Subsequently, Youku responded that this is a false message. And in September 10th, opening up ecological one conference group will be convened once a year, all of the group responsible person will attend, Koo may eventually announced to. As early as May of this year, the group’s internal structure has been adjusted to divide the main battlefield business and emerging business. Youku co President Yang Weidong appointed president of the group, responsible for Youku, potatoes, crazy, to play the main battlefield business. At the same time, the group set up a joint venture venture, group president Liu Dele served as chairman of the venture capital. In one group, another insider said Koo currently in one group’s role has more emphasis on new business investment, if the outgoing CEO position of venture capital is also likely to attend to. In fact, this is not the first time Koo transferred resignation. In June this year, Ali announced the formation of cultural entertainment sector, the establishment of civic sector work leading group members include pictures of Ali CEO Zhang Qiang, a group president Yang Weidong, chairman Gao Xiaosong, Song Ke Ali music CEO, Ali Zhang Dazhong, UC CEO He Xiaopeng CEO sports. At the same time, Zhang Yong announced the appointment of Gu Yongqiang as chairman of Alibaba China entertainment industry development committee work leading group, to assist Zhang Yong to make big entertainment industry long-term development and strategic investment layout. However, big entertainment sector leading group members were reported to Yu Yongfu. This is interpreted as Koo is overhead in power, began to lose control of one group. (Ding Zhuang)相关的主题文章: