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The development of financial help The Belt and Road "vision to boost economic and trade cooperation in Indonesia – Beijing Indonesia Ambassador Su more Mr Rahardjo?. Xu Lin photo Beijing, Xiamen, September 7, (Yang Fushan Xie Wenjing) the first development of financial services "The Belt and Road forum 7 held in Xiamen, Indonesia in government and business representatives of nearly 300 people invited to attend the meeting, to jointly build and share" The Belt and Road "construction and development opportunities and challenges. Indonesian Ambassador Su raharjo?, the National Development Bank assessment of director Zheng Xudong and deputy mayor of Xiamen Lu Jiang and other guests invited to welcome speech; international cooperation center of the national development and Reform Commission deputy director Song Gongmei, Indonesia’s minister of state-owned enterprises senior consultant of the Sahara? Executive Vice President Gore, President of Indonesia and China General Chamber of Commerce Zhang Jinxiong, CDB Xiamen branch Yang Aiwu keynote speech. Su? Raharjo ambassador said in his speech, the president of Indonesia zuoke proposed to create the world ocean strategic fulcrum "and" China twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road initiative highly fit, Indonesia is willing to strengthen cooperation with China in infrastructure, transportation, airport, industrial zone development and agriculture, further deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership the relationship between. He said that Indonesia cooperation will benefit 23% of the global population, firmly believe that the "The Belt and Road" cooperation is further links between the two peoples for the benefit of the peoples of the two countries cooperation, will help enhance mutual trust and mutual benefit. "If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, move forward together." He ended up giving his audience a round of applause by the end of his excellent speech. As the nineteenth China International Fair for investment and trade China sub forum, the forum jointly organized by the National Development Bank International Cooperation Bureau of Asia Pacific Business Department and Xiamen branch, China Africa Development Fund, Xiamen branch of China Export and Credit Insurance Corp, to strengthen government bank and docking, promoting the "The Belt and Road ‘economic and trade cooperation" for the purpose. Lu Jiang said that the current and future periods, Xiamen will continue to play a port, trade, investment, overseas Chinese, history and other advantages, to create "Hester" interconnection, economic and trade cooperation, maritime cooperation, cultural exchanges four hubs, focusing on the construction of regional centralization, go out of the important port and integrated services platform, bigger and stronger import and export port, continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation with countries and regions along the sea ". Zheng Xudong said, as the development of the world’s largest financial institutions and China largest foreign investment and Financing Cooperation Bank, CDB vigorously promote "Belt and Road Initiative" construction and international cooperation, as of the end of 7, total loans of $162 billion 100 million in the bank "The Belt and Road" along the 64 countries, the balance of $112 billion 200 million. Zhang Jinxiong said in his keynote address, as a representative of the developing countries and Southeast Asia’s most promising emerging market countries of ASEAN, the only member of the G20, Indonesia has a good social environment for development and strong economic and cultural development potential. He said that the Indonesian government issued the "2015-2019 medium-term construction and development plan" in the next five years, Indonesia’s huge construction plan,相关的主题文章: