The new national standard will be formally implemented and refrigerator energy efficiency

The new national standard will be formally implemented and "refrigerator energy efficiency grading source: Tianjin Daily reporter Hu Mengwei reporter learned from the National Standards Commission official website, October 1st, the newly revised" national standard household refrigerator power consumption limit value and energy efficiency rating "will be formally implemented mandatory energy efficiency. Some analysts predict that after the implementation of the new standard, will be eliminated from the market more than 20% of high energy consuming products, the market will improve the level of energy efficiency of about 10%. The next 10 years, the country’s new household refrigerator cumulative electricity consumption is expected to be 118 billion degrees. General manager of the PRC, white division Wei told reporters, Chinese appliances overall to developtowards energy saving and environmental protection, the national standard is slightly lower than the international standard, and the revised, not only raised the standard of energy efficiency, can also help domestic enterprises to upgrade transformation, energy efficient direction – the new national standard has been higher than the international standard. The current national standard low standard has become a consensus, according to Ovid yunwang (AVC) line 1 to June monitoring data show that the refrigerator energy efficiency products accounted for more than 96.2% of retail, retail sales accounted for 98.4%. It is also such a high level of energy efficiency, the need for the introduction of new standards to adjust the energy efficiency of the whole market structure." Orville yunwang washing department official Xiao Zheng said. Greatly improve the pass line, a voice that, since October, all products on the market are in accordance with the new GB logo "listing"; another voice said, the implementation of the new GB only for October 1st this year after the production of new models, new energy efficiency standards logo affixed, so there will be a transition for a fixed period of time, there is a new energy efficiency of two kinds of standard products on the market. But in any case, the industry have believed that the implementation of the new national standard, a new energy-efficient refrigerator will account for all the products in the market of 10% to 12%, that is to say, there will be about 80% of the products from the current level of a "new level two". So, the new national standard products listed, the price will change? Wei said, from below international standards higher than the international standard, the middle span range is very obvious, this will directly forced enterprises to make corresponding improvement, "to reach a new level, need to replace equipment, technology R & D, which will increase the cost of enterprises, therefore, a new class of product pricing or each rose 600 yuan to 1000 yuan." Xiao Zheng said that before the formal implementation of the standard, the old national standard of high energy consumption products may clear inventory promotions. The new standard was formally implemented in October 1st, is expected to eliminate more than 20% of high energy consuming products on the market." However, the reporter visited but found that because most of the products on the market are the current level of energy efficiency standards, large-scale promotional activities did not appear. Xiao Zheng said that the new and old standard product iteration will have a certain period, and the policy also gives companies such working space, so the promotion should be a gradual process, focus on promotion of low energy efficiency products may not appear. So for ordinary consumers, in the choice of refrigerators, what energy efficiency level is the highest price? Insiders said that the new two above is in line with the family, there is no need to pursue a level.相关的主题文章: