The most pioneer team pit teammates watch those cancer TOP10 tinyos

The most pioneer team who pit teammates watch TOP10 watch pioneer hero in the cancer a lot, there are a variety of forms every hero. Some heroes very well, but some of the characters are constantly in the team in mind, here we bring you the usual cancer TOP10 team in the game, with a look! TOP10 Island field Lucio although the overall contribution to the team as a whole, but there are often a lot of players like to play a different style of the. For example, some players like to push people to kill the terrain of the infinite wall of the feeling of the whole process to speed up the blood. There is also a kind of DJ, forever and forever will only put therapeutic effect. In fact, Lucio’s two forms in the hands of the master is to play the free conversion. Novice will always use therapeutic sound from scratch to the end. TOP9 DVA DVA: long distance shooting is a relatively strong armoured hero, there are more people who are not familiar with Dva started a deceptive way, no brain will not explode, shield. Of course, the most uncomfortable or distant point has been little game player Dva, although the long burst will blow, but basically no harm, but also give up the long-range shooting advantage of Dva. TOP8: Battle Angel blood when you don’t see an angel fly to you, this time there across the enemies will appear in front of you, two of you at the angel you trust but assistant did not give you back or strengthen the blood, but pulled out his pistol biubiubiu~, the two of you together with each other kill. Angel’s blood and wounds are generally more valuable than pistol shots. Since you like to play a pistol, you can play Mccrea. TOP7: blind sniper black widow believe that many game player are playing sniper, especially the black widow sexy styling. People who have played FPS games are aware that there is a sniper I hide in the distance a second shot of your sense of accomplishment, so often just to enter the vanguard of the great errors. The widow has achieved the reputation of this pot. They never use E skills, many times they are not police, but fire, women turned 76. The most deadly type of player is just sniper, open the blind mode. No matter who else is going to catch him is indifferent. TOP6: always around the death of God of death can be said to be the game’s ability to hurt the hero. In the game level, around after the penetration of the enemy camp opened the death explosion injury. Especially for the heavy hero, it can be said to be very restrained. However, a lot of players use the death of whatever circumstances are always around, or even positive output is not enough, no brain around, and finally always form a 1vN situation. I want to say is that after the death of spirituality, no effect of the round is not as good as the positive output to the team. TOP5: Berserker Zen monk position although Tagaytay is already high, the game can often see the monk’s appearance. But we will see a lot of monks will put yourself into a berserker, hand kicked, causing their own safety.相关的主题文章: