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The moon lying in the car! These 150 thousand within the joint SUV with panoramic sunroof! Auto – Sohu and to a year Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, one month is the so-called two reunion, imagine two sips to drive their own car, go to the suburbs or the top of the park on a sunny autumn night, the moon came through the panoramic sunroof is so romantic thing. Would you consider a SUV with a panoramic sunroof? Can let you look at the bright moon, and a beauty with me, but when the car, the rear passengers ride does not seem depressed. Did not move? Take a look at these few less than 150 thousand of the joint venture small SUV bar! Comments: high Yan value, large space, high configuration, ix25 is still a typical modern brand products, configuration and space in these two aspects of the same level models are quite competitive. At present, the Korean car in the design, quality has reached a very high level, and the current market offers a larger, ix25 is indeed worth considering. Brick uncle comment: as ix25’s siblings, KX3 configuration is also very rich, but the current terminal benefits are large, small SUV can have a panoramic sunroof is not too much, enough space also belongs to the scope of acceptable. It and ix25 how to choose? Look at the shape you like! Brick uncle comments: the Peugeot 2008 is a strong sense of design, pondering foot car styling more crossover, stylish fan; the interior is very clean feeling, the roof is very good, the steering feel is also very good, very much to the taste of young people. It is lower than the same level models to lower the price, the new models on the 1.2T+6AT, more advanced than the old models of power systems, considered a joint venture in the small SUV a very competitive models. Brick uncle comments: Skoda Yeti today’s strategy is the reduction and degradation, but it is indeed a wise move! In the face of small SUV opponents, regardless of its power, space, or the advantages of driving the texture is too obvious! Although compared with the price of the allocation level of rivals is low, but the quality of the whole process, driving is better, it is suitable for those who have higher requirements on consumer power and fuel consumption, and the whole system comes standard with a panoramic sunroof but oh! Comment: Brick uncle Feng Yu is a more personalized products, Changan SUZUKI Feng Yu body size and the space is not large, is also the general design, details of the work can be, but its usefulness has reached the due level. 1.6L engine performance exceeded expectations, good ride, the overall quality control is done very well, reliability do not worry. But it is a little smaller from the ground clearance, more like a crossover car, panoramic sunroof is a bonus item.相关的主题文章: