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The man checked drunk driving heart resentment will get jingfangxingju car brake failure due to the original title: Linyi man checked drunk driving heart resentment was in police tricks Yimeng evening news network October 31st news, Linyi Luozhuang District, a man by police for drunk driving and resentment, should come up with a Henzhao – to play tricks on the car, causing the vehicle brakes, thanks to the police have test habits, otherwise the consequences really be unbearable to contemplate. According to the Luozhuang city traffic police brigade a squadron of a police surnamed Xu, on Friday morning, as usual he boarded the car, ready to post peak value. When the vehicle is started, the police suddenly found that the stampede brake was no response, "fortunately, I have the habit of hot, when the speed is slow, I immediately stopped the car to pull the handbrake." But surprisingly, when the police car to the garage, the mechanic found in the testing process of the vehicle brake tubing were tampered with. Police car parked in the police station on weekdays, how will it be destroyed? Subsequently, the police retrieved surveillance video yesterday, found a man acting very suspicious. Monitor screen display, the 20 day at 11 in the morning, a man walks around the room next to the police, bent down, then drill into the car under the upper part of the body, after a minute, the man quickly left out from under the car. After receiving the alarm, Luozhuang Public Security Bureau carried out investigation on the case of two points, the first road for the retrieval of surveillance video all the traffic police brigade Luozhuang hospital, second of the road traffic police brigade hospital staff to ask about. After investigation, the police learned that on the 20 day, a Luozhuang to deal with the traffic police brigade drunk driving men stay in the hospital for a long time, after the image contrast, the police locked the suspect Wang, and Wang family in the catch. According to Wang explained, because he was drunk driving traffic police seized, then feel resentful of the traffic police, not on how, will the anger spread to the police car body". "I took a pair of pliers, cut a total of two police cars on the tube, a police car on one day, is drunk to go, drank two bottles of beer, and." It is understood that the suspect Wang, Henan, has been due to traffic accident and dangerous driving crime was detained by public security organs. Source: Yimeng evening news editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: