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The line "light" model will be the second-hand car Sohu in 2017 – new car mentioned in the Central Plains, remember those martial arts movies, when love to see the sword live.and, fly over the walls, the glint and flash of cold steel arena their love. The Central Plains martial arts, broad and profound, the Central Plains martial arts master, like clouds. It seems that the Central Plains is martial arts, the Central Plains is the lake…… In fact, the truth is far more than this, since ancient times have Zhongyuan world "say, Zhuluzhongyuan, before separation of the world. This time, due to the reasons for the work, just came to the authentic Central Plains – Henan, Zhengzhou, in the good sense of the Central Plains culture at the same time, a closer look at the second-hand car market in Zhengzhou. The second-hand car trading volume in Henan province has been ranked in the top ten, while Zhengzhou has been a hotly contested spot of second-hand car, car dealers across the country will come to Zhengzhou to take the car. Since the ancient king of the Central Plains who have the world, is not the use of second-hand cars have to get the world in Zhengzhou? Zhengzhou second-hand car market overview of the second-hand car market in Zhengzhou is similar to many other places, there are old second-hand car market, but also the quality of second-hand car exhibition hall. Zhengzhou to take the car car dealer, second-hand car market concentration must go to the culture of the road, several market placed thousands of the price of all kinds of second-hand car, as long as you have a piercing eye can always find what you want, the Taiwan. Willing to rely on the market popularity of the car business, naturally not too much what feature about the market’s popularity after all, for the selection of other source of car too much, only to quickly sell the car in the first place, not to mention what good service, good condition is the greatest service. There are reluctant to be next to the market atmosphere of the car dealers, they opened the exhibition hall to the relatively luxurious lot, where the cost of rent is high, naturally can not put the low price of the car. So, basically a lot of luxury independent exhibition hall, do high-end second-hand car business, service awareness and operational capabilities are a lot of smart. Drink tea, chat, look, talk about business, enjoy the VIP treatment. Used car electricity supplier get together Zhengzhou road construction in Zhengzhou is not very good, but the car on the road a lot, but also very congested. In recent years, the number of motor vehicles in Zhengzhou has increased significantly, the total amount of motor vehicles in Zhengzhou has exceeded 3 million, ranked first in the provincial capital city of the central province of, and other cities in Guangzhou flat. It is no wonder that Zhengzhou has always been a big city output second-hand car, but also soldiers (electric) home (business) a hotly contested spot. In Zhengzhou, the second-hand car market to turn around, you can always meet some of the staff of the electronic business platform, there are also sales division. In addition to the pure electronic business platform, excellent letter melon, everyone car, it is worth mentioning that the car business platform of the only one line opened a chain store of C2C + C2B2C composite model free the first retail store is opened in Zhengzhou. At present, the car free in Zhengzhou has two direct stores, one store in West Sanhuan five two stores in Longkou Road, sea road. Why to choose the car free online open physical stores, but also because the front for a long time of operation, open up the upstream and downstream 3相关的主题文章: