The KMT Central Committee it is recommended as a national Formal Dress Tunic dxperience

The KMT Central Committee: it is recommended as a national Formal Dress Tunic original title: the KMT Central Committee: it is recommended as a national formal dress tunic suit Beijing News News (reporter Liu Xia) the morning of February 29th, the KMT Central Committee held a national "NPC and CPPCC" news propaganda work briefing. The vice chairman of the Central Committee in the proposal will introduce repair forkin, recommended as a national formal dress tunic. The Beijing News (WeChat ID:bjnews_xjb) reporter learned from the meeting, the KMT Central Committee submitted 8 papers and 36 conference collective proposal to the four session of the twelve National Committee of the cppcc. The speeches and proposals involve issues concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers, society and the rule of law, and promote peaceful reunification of the motherland. They also include hot issues such as health undertakings, medical services and aging society. One of the key proposals, on matters relating to Mr Sun Zhongshan’s birthday 150th anniversary anniversary of the content of the proposal, the KMT Central Committee will be recommended as a national formal dress tunic. It is reported that this year coincides with the 150th anniversary birthday of Sun Zhongshan, the KMT Central Committee or as general oral speech. Repair fokin said now that suits are understood to suit and tie, this is actually a dress. "Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Zhou Enlai and other leaders attended the great occasion a tunic, why is suit to our generation." He said that this is not only a clothing problem, but also a national problem. In addition, the KMT Central Committee will be submitted to both sides "shared history, write history" proposal, and emphasizes the practical work of the meditation war history and profound interest. According to reports, cross-strait modern history scholars have jointly prepared a "the Great Wall war atlas" history by the KMT Central Committee is responsible for the issue of United Press work. Editor in chief: Zhao Jiaming SN146

民革中央:建议中山装作为国家正式礼服   原标题:民革中央:建议中山装作为国家正式礼服 中山装   新京报快讯(记者刘夏)2月29日上午,民革中央召开全国“两会”新闻宣传工作通气会。民革中央副主席修福金介绍,在提案中将建议中山装作为国家正式礼服。   新京报(微信公号ID:bjnews_xjb)记者从会上了解到,民革中央向全国政协十二届四次会议提交8篇大会发言和36篇集体提案。发言和提案内容涉及“三农”、社会和法制、促进祖国和平统一,还包括健康事业、医疗服务、老龄化社会等热点问题。   重点提案之一、关于“孙中山先生诞辰150周年纪念活动有关事宜”的提案内容中,民革中央将建议中山装作为国家正式礼服。据悉,今年适逢孙中山诞辰150周年,民革中央或将以此作为大会口头发言内容。   修福金表示,现在提到正装都理解为西服、领带,这其实是洋装。“毛泽东、邓小平、周恩来等领导人出席重大场合都着中山装,为什么到我们这一代就是西装。”他表示,这不仅是服装问题,也是民族问题。   此外,民革中央还将提交两岸“共享史料,共写史书”的提案,并强调共修抗战史工作的现实、深远利益。据介绍,两岸近代史学者已共同编制完成一部“长城抗战图集”相关史书,由民革中央团结出版社负责发行工作。   、 责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章: