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The life of "journey" and "bird" — Reading peer – Sohu maternal the original, without the consent of life declined to reprint "journey" and "peer" — reading the birds Wen Hu tiger soundwell these days, the blue sky and white clouds, occasionally an invigorating autumn climate, the birds fly, is a beautiful picture. Many people choose this season to travel, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and those flying in the sky and birds, with cold weather, some reserves of food for the winter, strengthening the bird’s nest, some about to embark on the journey of migration. This season, "look at the birds and the same" is a good reading experience. "The birds and the same" reminded me of childhood memories in life, I remember when I was young in the rural home, swallows often nest in our eaves, every day listening to their chirping, accompanied by smoke rises very idyllic life taste. Now, many years later, the more the more beautiful houses in rural areas, and the swallow is not inside the nest. "The birds and the same" a set of four books, are "the seasons", "the four seasons", "the four seasons", "White Crane" in each of the four seasons, through a bird’s life cycle, the birds from the met fell in love, married to the egg ", to hatch, fly alone prey to fly," love marriage independent life"…… Then enter the life cycle to the next, year after year, repeating the life journey, life and growth in nature, endless, write a song of life. The sparrow and owls are birds, their life journey belongs to a category, but an active in the daytime, a night in the haunted, their living habits are not the same. For example, the sparrow and the owl building a nest where and how different eggs hatched birds; time is not the same; the sparrow chicks love flying, gathering in crowds and groups traveling together, and the owl was out of contact with anyone, to find their own territory…… Beautiful words in the narrative, a comprehensive understanding of the basic knowledge on the sparrow and the owl knowledge, but also in the similar life journey to find their different. The swallow and the White Stork are migratory, so they are better than sparrows and owl more than a "movement" of the journey, that is their real journey. The end of the summer, they have the pair over mountains and across the Strait, through many dangers, finally arrived in the warm climate of Africa, such as home to pick up, they would "homesickness" home. The swallow and the White Stork in shape or in living habits are not the same, they follow their own "journey of life", married development migration, homesick home…… Not every word, but beautiful feelings, for example, spring, warm air rang with shouts of sparrow chatter – voice is so wonderful, can attract a miss sparrow?" Although there are countless dangers, Yan Qun still followers of the heart of the compass, all the way to the south."…… Anthropomorphic description, vivid metaphor, to a proper extent description, let the set of popular science books are vivid and interesting, read as personally on the scene in the nature with the birds.相关的主题文章: