The incidence of chronic disease calls for a new management model of big data to help achieve full c

The incidence of chronic disease calls for the management of the new model of big data to help achieve full care – a new era of slow disease high data help to achieve full care as the aging intensifies, chronic diseases into the high incidence stage. Faced with this situation, big data + slow disease management has become the future trend of development. Big data + slow disease management, the current situation? Banyuetan reporter visited. Big data help to achieve full care "through the blood glucose curve last week and walk a few steps, you also need to take control of Grandpa Hou mouth, stride leg." Pointing to the monitoring data in the computer, Wang Li seriously persuade Hou Yuguo. In Chengdu, Jinjiang District lion mountain community health service center, health management division of the community is to be a new week of community residents’ diet exercise guidance. This year, 63 year old Hou, who has been suffering from diabetes for over more than and 10 years, has not been well controlled blood sugar. Since the beginning of this year, the community health service center of Sichuan Province, the Fourth People’s Hospital of Chengdu and explore together to build a new model of diabetes management — "community sugar house", through the real-time monitoring of health data and large data analysis, multi angle evaluation of the severity of diabetes, medication, treatment, and personalized guidance and health education for the patients, so as to improve the quality of life of patients with chronic disease, reduce medical expenditure. Li Bingrong, deputy director of the Department of Endocrinology physician Fourth People’s Hospital of Sichuan Province, "community sugar steward" in the introduction of the Taiwan diabetes management mode based on the combination of Sichuan chronic disease patients, the use of big data technology, case management for single disease diabetes, by hospital doctors, community general practitioners, diabetes case management, by interview with the information the way of combining together the whole management of patients. "Big data + chronic disease management" approach, so that the quality of real resources to sink into the community, the joint management for patients with diabetes to provide a convenient, but also ensure the quality of management, promote the classification treatment of landing." Lion mountain community health service center director Liu Qirong said. For the community sugar steward, good patient feedback. "Before is a serious condition to go to the hospital, now in the mobile phone APP record blood glucose and exercise, a professional doctor according to the data analysis of drugs per week, have professional guidance of diet and exercise, can also find a large hospital expert consultation through community remote consultation system, is the heart." Hou Yuguo said. The incidence of chronic disease calls for a new management model, the core of the disease before the disease, the patient has what disease, the doctor will treat what disease." Chinese Academy of engineering, Yu Mengsun, said recently in an interview with reporters in Chengdu, only the treatment of diseases of the disease model has not adapted to the development trend of chronic diseases. Data show that the death of chronic diseases in China accounted for 85% of the total mortality of residents, resulting in the burden of disease has accounted for the total burden of disease of 70%, slow disease has been a high incidence. In the face of the new situation, the chronic disease management mode, which is based on the community health service center, is a new medical model advocated by the state. Community health service centers to serve patients with chronic diseases and high-risk groups, through the establishment of health records for patients with chronic diseases, regular follow-up, slow disease monitoring and risk相关的主题文章: