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The global tablet computer market sluggish iPad still dominate the world due to the big screen mobile phone gradually, and the performance is also not a lot of tablet devices, nearly two years of the tablet computer market impact is not small. According to foreign media reports, market research firm IDC recently released a report, the report said, in 2016 third quarter of global tablet computer shipments only 43 million, and 50 million 500 thousand for the same period last year, down 14.7%. This is the eighth quarter of the tablet PC market shipments fell. According to the data show that although the tablet Market shipments slump, apple and Samsung is still the dominant power in the tablet computer market, shipments in the manufacturer and the breakdown of the first second. Although Apple’s iPad product line shipments are in a downward trend, but on a global scale, iPad is still the best selling tablet PC. IPad in the third quarter of this year (7-9 months) continue to dominate the global Tablet PC market, its shipments of 9 million 300 thousand units, the market share of 21.5%, an increase of 1.9%. Samsung ranked second, the market share of 15.1%, down by 0.9%. For Samsung, due to shipments continue to decline, the gap between it and apple has been widened. This is the first time this year, this situation, after the gap between the two sides are narrowing. In addition to apple and Samsung, the third is still Amazon, but Amazon’s shipments are only half of samsung. Fourth of the fifth are Chinese companies Lenovo and HUAWEI. From the data, the world’s top five Tablet PC manufacturers accounted for the global market share of 55.8%, compared with last year, an increase of 46.8%. However, there is no one manufacturer’s shipments of more than 10 million. It is worth mentioning that, Microsoft has not been able to list, although the Surface series tablet has been a good reputation, but as a tablet computer in terms of sales is indeed not a level with iPad.相关的主题文章: