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The full mobilization of all forest sniper address dissatisfied with the Beijing – word [Global Times special correspondent in Taipei Linxi] Taiwan legislature 13 days to re open debate, "Premier" to address all the KMT was strong opposition, some "legislators" brewing "now". The Cai Yingwen administration took office less than 4 months into the plight of protest not only There was no parallel in history., one after another, now regarded as "the most communication cabinet" has become a target for all. All 13 went to the "Legislative Yuan" policy address, the KMT legislator in the meeting venue holding banners, shouting "no cabinet reshuffle, all out" policy, Taiwan was soggy beat "and other slogans, also named" foreign minister "Li Dawei and MAC owners committee Zhang Xiaoyue don’t love power. According to "free times" reported on 13, the Kuomintang held 12 "legislative practice seminar", Mr Hong Xiuzhu praised the party chairman when the KMT caucus session blocking the bill "block pretty, it should give full play to combat, with a" scorched earth "a large number of proposals, and to discuss the matter defense strategy, DPP the 35 seats are respected. Reported that the KMT will planning 95 priority bills, including the mainland spouse get ID card number changed to 4 years of "cross strait relation regulations" amendment, and proposed the deletion of focusing on the year 2017 authorities general budget, including the "improper Party committee" and the "New South" policy. United News Network said, Lin came to power, the KMT legislator in the report before meditation, continue to protest. When the electronic newspaper reported that address all the forest proposed six policy priorities, including deregulation of financial legal system, expand investment in infrastructure construction, among them "to strengthen the national security forces, the new international space" on both sides, "said only will enhance national autonomy, promote cross-strait stable development, to defend the sovereignty of the South China sea". United News Network noted that the KMT legislator is wearing a blue shirt, polo shirt in his address before the "National Forum" is the full mobilization of registration, to count the "cabinet" missing in an hour. According to the regulations, a legislator has 3 minutes, the final total of 17 KMT legislators took the floor. They believe that there are a lot of CAI authorities before the polls are very weak in the whole day, Lin satisfaction is a decline, so we need to put the whole forest of the lack of the cabinet to speak out. The KMT caucus convener Liao Guodong scheduled parties question the first shot, he specialized question of cross-strait relations and international distribution, including in the economy of mainland tourists do not come, because of how the government should "" Beijing on whether I allies launched poaching "and" government "anti Pro Japan" policy at the Diaoyutai (i.e. the Diaoyu Islands), disputed Okinotori reef, Taiping Island sovereignty, the new government is to sovereignty or to face?" In addition, Cai Yingwen appointed PFP chairman James Soong APEC (APEC) leaders’ informal meeting of representatives in Beijing have expressed opposition to the situation, the Kuomintang asked how to deal with the whole forest, "and for" Taiwan green shouted into the union "and how to deal with?" Lin’s policy address was simultaneously blue green opposition. In".相关的主题文章: