The four sector accelerating the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in residen winfast

The four sector: speeding up the residential electric vehicle charging infrastructure – Beijing, Beijing, September 12, according to the NDRC website news, the NDRC Energy Bureau, Ministry of industry, the Ministry of Housing recently jointly issued "on the residential electric vehicle charging infrastructure" notice. Notification requirements, and actively promote the transformation of existing residential parking electrification, to ensure that the charging infrastructure to meet the demand for electricity consumption. For the special fixed parking spaces, according to the "one table and one parking" mode, the corresponding power supply facilities can be modified to increase the capacity of each parking lot. In order to further implement the main responsibility of the local government, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, to effectively solve the current residential electric vehicle charging infrastructure problems, notification requirements as follows: – to strengthen the existing residential facilities renovation according to the development of electric vehicles is planning and application situation, according to the "appropriate" principle, according to the power supply enterprise the transformation of the old district, promote the existing residential area (including the positive pressure from the Canal District) electrification of parking spaces, residential areas to meet the demand for electricity charging infrastructure. For special fixed parking spaces (including more than one year lease period parking spaces), according to the "one table and one parking" mode for supporting power supply facilities renovation, each parking space allocation of the appropriate capacity of electric energy meter. For public parking spaces, should be combined with the actual situation of the district and the electric vehicle users demand for electricity, carry out the transformation of supporting power supply facilities, the rational allocation of power supply capacity. The state of the residential areas of the electrical transformation of the parking spaces should be given special construction funds and other policy support, local governments should coordinate the relevant departments and units to facilitate construction. — Code for new facilities in residential area in new residential areas should be unified power line laying to special fixed parking spaces (or reserved laying conditions), reserved for the meter box, charging facilities installation and electricity capacity, and establishing the public parking facilities construction scheme of power supply, to provide convenience for charging infrastructure installation. Newly built residential area parking spaces supporting power supply facilities should be synchronized with the main building design, construction. With the support of the actual conditions, the construction of a small area, low cost, quick effect of mechanical and three-dimensional parking charging integrated facilities. Encourage the exploration of the residential area of intelligent charging management mode. – project planning new or expanded residential projects according to the provisions required with the construction of charging infrastructure, urban and rural planning issued by the relevant administrative departments in the construction project planning permit, to strictly enforce the construction of charging infrastructure or reserve ratio requirement. Review of construction plans in the review of new or expansion of residential construction plans, the charging infrastructure is set to comply with the relevant standards for review. Construction authorities to charge the infrastructure with the construction of the project into the overall acceptance of the scope of the project. – the proprietor committee support facilities throughout the real estate (housing) administrative departments, neighborhood offices or Township People’s government, community committees according to the "private residence user charging infrastructure construction management model text", take the initiative to strengthen the guidance and supervision of the owners’ committee, to guide the owners to support construction of charging infrastructure, ming.相关的主题文章: