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The first week of the new season record is maxed Westbrook eyebrows brother led data kill – Sohu sports Davies   in NBA, brush brush data record is never what a strange thing. But like the beginning of the season this record is maxed out, you Changba me play the play, but really not much. Just a week before the opening season, many historical records have been broken, and those team history records, personal records are frequently refreshed. Laughing, the record has already become a new wave of NBA, and even become the new ruler who established stars alliance status. When it comes to brush data, and now the alliance, Westbrook dare to say first, I’m afraid no one dares to say second. Over the past two seasons, Wei Wei seems to get through the governor of the two pulse, scoring, rebounds, assists have jumped to the pinnacle of career. Last season, Westbrook averaged 23.5 points and 10.4 assists and 7.8 rebounds, let the people see him as the ancient legend Oscar Robertson single season averaging three double possibility, and this summer, Durant’s departure, is less impact to the Wei records created the objective conditions. Wei little did not disappoint, before the opening of the 3 season, he played twice a pair of 3. In October 29th, the thunder overtime victory over the sun, Westbrook frantically 51 points and 13 rebounds, 10 assists and 2 steals, become since the 1983-84 season so far, the first game of 50+ at the same time, also hit three double player; in October 31st, the thunder beat the Lakers home court, Westbrook and then boom three pairs, and became the first ever NBA get in 100+30+30 the start of the season before the 3 game players. However, in the league, the legendary players can only chase Westbrook a pelican, the core of Anthony – Davies’s performance is also striking. The opener against Denver, eyebrows brother frantically 50 points and 16 rebounds and 5 assists, 4 blocks and 7 steals, became the first person in history. After that, they cut down 45 points and 17 rebounds for the warriors eyebrows brother. Only his personal, but has been unable to help fight a lone battle, the pelican win. Leonard and Lillard in rewriting history. At the opening day of the warriors, Leonard showed the spurs the new leader, he scored 35 points, breaking career scoring record at the same time, also to help the team get a victory, gave the warriors lineup a pledge to sap. After that, Leonard continued to refresh his personal record, obviously, this season, his goal has been directed at the regular season MVP trophy. Last season, led the Blazers to the Western Conference semifinals, did not let Lillard complacent. In the new season, he set himself a higher goal. Open 3 games before the season, Lillard wanton 105 points, become the pioneer of the first history. In addition to the team achieved success, this year Lillard will also target the all star game, even MVP. The new season is no longer harden brush brush points, free throws, turned the guard he gradually hooked on the ball. 4 games down, averaging out harden as many as 11.8 assists, topped the league. The first show against the Lakers, beard 17 assists, but also created a record of the history of the Rockets opener, but also a record of his personal career. This season, he greatly from the traditional point guard will assist the king snatched away. Even if it doesn’t catch up.相关的主题文章: