The first section report Kobe jump + high difficulty back East – West 40-43 sports Sohu norton disk doctor

The first section report: Kobe jump + high difficulty back East – West 40-43 sports Sohu Beijing February 15th, 2016 NBA all star game is staged in Toronto. After the first session, the western team 40-43 temporarily lagged behind the eastern force. First, by James Kobe and Kobe jump, jump ball, Westbrook ball after dunks, help Western troops opened. But soon, between Wade and James, show the empty connecting line long, James Wade received a pass, the heart have completed a dunk. After the court under three minutes of rain, the Eastern team has hit 5 record three points, will be extended the lead to two digits. Seeing the score is behind, the thunder two less took over the attack of the western team, the two teams together scored 8 points, will chase the difference. Kobe fadeaway shot the ball in the basket, transfer a few laps, finally drop the bag, and a ball, is also the first mobile warfare score. This quarter, the two sides on Deluozan rotation, has become the spotlight players on the field, he continuously show wonderful turn dunks, causing the fans cheering home court. The west side, Paul pass play skills, and has 5 assists, Anthony – Davies with his continuous air dunks, the first section after, Western 40-43 lags behind the East army team. The starting lineup: Western All Stars: Durant, Kobe, curry, Leonard, Westbrook, Eastern all stars: James, Paul – George, Wade, Anthony, Lowry (Poirot)

首节战报:科比跳球+高难度后仰 西部40-43东部-搜狐体育  北京时间2月15日,2016年NBA全明星正赛在多伦多上演。首节打完,西部队40-43暂时落后东部队。   首节,由詹姆斯和科比跳球,科比跳得球权,威斯布鲁克接球后暴扣得手,帮西部队开张。但很快,韦德和詹姆斯之间,秀出久违的空接连线,詹皇接到韦德妙传,心有灵犀完成暴扣。之后,球场下起三分雨,东部队先后命中5记三分,将分差拉大到两位数。眼见比分落后,雷霆二少接管了西部队进攻,两人联手砍下8分,将分差追近。科比后仰跳投出手,球在篮筐中转了几圈,才最终掉落网袋,而这一球,也是飞侠此役首度运动战得分。本节后段,双方开启轮换,德罗赞成为了场上最抢镜的球员,他连续秀出精彩的转身暴扣,引发主场球迷欢呼。西部队这边,保罗施展妙传绝技,并先后送出5次助攻,随着他连续安东尼-戴维斯完成空接暴扣,首节打完,西部队40-43暂时落后东部队。   双方首发阵容:   西部全明星:杜兰特、科比、库里、伦纳德、威斯布鲁克   东部全明星:詹姆斯、保罗-乔治、韦德、安东尼、洛瑞   (波洛)相关的主题文章: