The first half of the Shenzhen fund baseline 152 shares of the company accounted for more than 90% f

The first half of the Shenzhen fund "baseline" 152 shares of the company accounted for more than 90% five Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you my reporter Zhang Yingguo report after the face of shocks to market conditions, the fund handling skills. Data show that the first half of September the total fund investigation of the 152 listed companies; the Shenzhen company is most focused on the fund, the proportion of research company more than 90% five, while China, GF, Castrol 3 fund is the most diligent research. Since September, the fund has 152 shares of research since September, the market continued to shock the market. But the three, fourth quarter of the intersection, the pace of institutional research obviously step. According flush iFinD statistics, since September, there are more than and 300 listed companies to accept all kinds of research institutions. Among them, the public fund survey of 152 listed companies. There are 33 companies to get more than 5 fund group research, more than 9 companies get more than 10 fund research. Among them, seagull bathroom (002084), Tongyu communication (002792) and (300365) Heng Hua Technology 3 listed companies received more than 15 research fund. Among these, seagull bathroom is the largest public fund to attract companies to get together to research. Data show that in September 6th, including huitianfu, wells, EU, Yasunobu, Morgan, Noam, CAF Agricole, Jiutai, fengjinxin, Fortis, the League of nations, Changsheng, Bo and other 19 fund research group. From the investigation of the announcement, the prospects for the development of the housing industry, Chinese seagull bathroom is Youchao the whole assembly Focus Fund concern. The second is the Tongyu communication, data show that in September 1st, 2 and 8, including BOC, GF, Xincheng, Xinhua, 10000, CAF, Jiutai, silver, Hui Tianfu, Huatai Barry, Huaan, the League of nations, Franklin, a long letter, the Great Wall and Bo and other 17 fund research group. The company said in the survey, the future will be based on the company’s customer platform and technology platform to consider, focusing on investment in wireless applications and services related fields. The first half of September to accept article more than and 3 fund research is Henghua technology, in September 8th and 13 received a silver cross, and in the post, the new wal, Yinhua, Tian Hong, Manulife TEDA, Minsheng, Jiutai, Castrol, China, Germany, Hong Fortis, Changsheng fund 15 fund research. The market pattern of electricity reform after the next three years, Henghua technology believes that the future sales of electricity subject will be more and more, the pace of development of the sale of electricity will also be faster and faster, will eventually form a large explosive growth, break the power purchase and sale pattern. In addition, creative information (300366), Jin Tanglang (300444), double electric (002081), Shougang shares (000959) Wen’s shares (300498) and (002102) Koon Fook shares and other 6 companies in the first half also received more than 10 (inclusive) above the fund’s research group. The River Steel shares (000709), in the light of lightning (300414), North source (300352), the otter相关的主题文章: