The first fof fund managers exam a little difficult, the first batch of products to declare next wee splitit

The first FOF fund managers exam a little difficult, the first batch of products the fastest next week to declare We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! – reporter Xu Wenqing Liu Xiacun China Securities News reporter learned from a number of fund companies, fund for the first time in the history of the domestic public offering of FOF fund manager exam held yesterday. All day long in the exam, a number of companies including Morgan, Peng Hua, Ping An UOB, CCB, Tian Hong, Nord, the fund manager in the first test, including the definition, scope of the examination fee of FOF on investment targets, the cost of cognitive principles, requirements and methods of valuation of the fund, may exceed the most difficult people’s expectations. "I don’t have 3 people around my seat. It’s hard."." Some have been assessed by the fund manager recalled. He said that the company will soon organize fund managers to register the relevant materials submitted to the China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association, is expected to be the fastest next week, the product will be submitted to the commission. Another fund sources, the fund company for only one hand, Chinese securities investment fund industry association will also introduce a FOF valuation rules, in order to guide the various types of FOF in the actual management of the valuation, and the rules will be used as the Audit Commission fund company FOF product declaration guide. In addition, the initial FOF will be declared as a common program products, approval time is longer, these may also affect the speed of product approval." The person said. Test coverage "test including single and multiple selection and judgment, and other public fund managers examination questions, but covering more comprehensive assessment points, including FOF, QDII, and Hong Kong stocks through mutual fund, fund valuation, risk control, asset allocation and other directions. The difficulty is moderate, but the difficulty lies in the broader coverage than the pure equity or bond fund fund managers." Smoothly through the quantitative investment director, Dahua fund yesterday FOF examination department head Sun Dongning said, "the online answer, about 10 seconds after handing in the results came out." In addition, a medium-sized fund manager said, "more than 90 questions, which more than 20, among them, the valuation of the fund, fund operation and other aspects together accounted for almost half of the proportion of exam is very detailed, similar to the fund’s dividend date, ex dividend date, net worth what are covered. 90 multiple questions as well as the 7, 8 questions, including fund research model, different FOF strategy, is usually not too concerned about the point, is expected to pass rate is not high." Although he passed, but sitting beside him on the other three fund managers was not so lucky, can only apply again again. Today, there are examinations in the afternoon, 10-20 per person." He said. According to the reporter, including Ping An UOB, Nord, CCB, Tian Hong and a number of fund companies fund managers have passed the exam, are ready for the next step of the material, and some theory相关的主题文章: